You are not a man: stereotypes that men meet (men themselves tell)

- I grew up in a small town, of course, there were my own orders. I lived in an apartment, and many of my classmates lived in private homes. They helped my parents in the garden, but I didn’t, so there were no hard calluses on my hands. So the "city" was often asked: "What are your hands so tender, chick, or what?" And if you wear a pink T-shirt, that's all.

There was still (and is) a stereotype that a man should be “faster than women”.

If a guy fulfilled some standard worse than a girl in a physical education lesson, it was a failure and a shame for the entire school year. In adolescence, every guy should smoke and drink. If you drink a little, then you are a wimp, and if you still don’t smoke, then something is clearly wrong with you. Here's another story about nerd guys. I was going to enter St.

Petersburg and studied a lot, went to tutors, studied after class. Once my classmate told me: "Dude, you have to mess with the girls, otherwise you are not a man." I had to "stir up" with one girl, and she was so stupid that it was not even very pleasant to touch her, but I had to. I already had a not very good reputation: I don’t drink, don’t smoke, hands without calluses, and also in a pink T-shirt.

It happens that I encounter problems at work due to gender stereotypes.

For example, once I tried to get a job in an accounting office, and they didn’t take me because “men are not as diligent as girls”.

Once my girlfriend and I came to meet a friend and his wife. We arrived by car, my girlfriend is driving - in our couple she is the only driver. When my girlfriend was left alone with her friend’s wife, the first thing she asked her was if she felt like a man, rolling her boyfriend in a car. She said, of course not.

She later told me that it never even crossed her mind that driving is only a man’s business. Therefore, we began to pay attention to how people are surprised when they find out that I do not have a driver’s license, but my girlfriend has one.



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