Workout program for girls at home - the right exercises

This training program for girls at home will help to lose weight and build a beautiful figure. Is this not the dream of every second girl? Let's start training.

What can be done at home

The girl’s body is slightly different from the man’s. And not at all what you thought. We are talking about biochemical metabolic processes.

Workout program for girls at home - the right exercises

In the body, testosterone is responsible for muscle anabolism, and some estrogens are responsible for fat anabolism. When a man loses his masculinity through drinking beer, a passive lifestyle, his body drops testosterone and rises estrogen. A beer belly appears, fat begins to be deposited on the hips and buttocks. The figure is rearranged according to the female type.

When there is a lot of testosterone, the body keeps in good muscle shape.

Girls also have their level of male hormone, but it is 20 times lower than that of a normal man. This level is not enough to build up huge muscle mass, but it is enough to bring muscle to tone and develop strength (albeit not to the male level).

And therefore, the girl’s training is different from the man’s. Maybe the same exercises are present in it (although there are many of those that men do not do), but they are performed with different weights and a different number of times. What's in the gym, what's at home, workout programs will be similar.

At home for girls, a workout for burning fat can consist of the following elements:

  • Aerobics.
  • Classic cardio.
  • Circular training with or without light weights due to gymnastic exercises.
  • Yoga, by the way, also helps to burn fat and achieve harmony!

At home for girls, all conditions for classes are created - the only obstacle is your laziness!

Consider the most interesting options individually.

Circular training for girls

One of the best options is a training for girls for weight loss.

People like to say fat burning workout at home. Few people understand what it is to burn fat, as it generally happens. Most people rely on exercise. First you need to get hold of willpower and hang the lock on the refrigerator! This is the main rule!

Circular training at home for weight loss can contain a mixture of crossfit and dance, for example. Here are some exercise options you can use for your workouts.

Jump Squats

Do 10 squats with arms outstretched in front of you. At the top point, when your legs are straight, jump up. Use the spring effect at the bottom, do not extinguish it. It is very comfortable.

You can do these squats in the morning every day, increasing their number to 30.

A more difficult option is to jump out of your squatting position, hands on the floor. When moving up, raise your arms above your head.

Throw your knees to your chest while lying

Stand on your hands as if you were going to push up. Don’t worry, it’s not about push-ups!

Spread your legs wide, lift your pelvis up. In turn, pull one or the other knee to your chin or chest.

Do everything at a pace. You can do this exercise immediately after jumping squats.

Make 10-30 intense movements for each leg.

The main point: we work with the cross - the right knee goes to the left side of the chest, the left knee - to the right.

Jump rope or socks jumping

If you have high ceilings and there is a jump rope - use this.

If the conditions are not so good - just jump on toes. Alternate the right and left leg, do 3-5 jumps on each leg in turn.

Put a stopwatch in front of you and jump 60 seconds. This can be done after the previous exercise.

A fold on the back

After jumping, we bring the heartbeat back to normal and lie down on your back (lay some comfortable rug).

And we carry out the simultaneous lifting of the body and legs. You can bend your knees and touch them to your chest. Do this 10-30 times.

For those who are difficult to fold, you can lift the case together with the legs:

  • Raise the case once - lower it .
  • Immediately after that we raise our legs and lower them.

  • We raise the body with a simultaneous turn of the elbows and torso to the right knee, lower it.
  • Raise our legs.
  • Repeat the lifting of the body with a turn to the other knee.

These 4 elements will add up to an exercise, which we will call "complex twisting."

Lying pelvis lying

This exercise is also called the gluteal bridge.

We lay on our back, arms along the body are extended and lie on the floor with palms down. The legs are bent at the knees. Raise your pelvis as high as possible, then lower it back. Do it 10-30 times.

Raising the pelvis with your back up

Now we turn on our stomach, stand on our elbows and socks.

By strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, we raise it high up and lower it to a straight line with the rest of the body. 10-30 times.

Leading the leg back

We stand on our elbows, as last time, and on our knees. Take turns each leg back and up. 10-30 times for both legs.

Then you can put weighting on your feet.

Scissors from a prone position

Lie on your side, lean on your elbow. The second hand rests on the floor in front of you. Raise your leg up. We do this 10-30 times and turn to the other side.

There are many more exercises and their options that a training program for losing weight at home can consist of. But you can try these for a start.

If you can perform all these exercises in one cycle, starting 10 times, and repeat 2-3 such cycles with a rest of 120 seconds - you will burn a decent amount of calories.

A training program for girls at home does not have to include all these exercises, nor does it have to be done as a superset or circle. You can take a break of 30 seconds between each exercise.

It is important that you sweat, get tired. If you don’t have a drop of sweat from a workout, this is a bad workout. Moreover, you certainly can not burn fat from such training. To lose weight, you need to sweat.


The jump rope indicated in the last section is also a cardioelement.

But the classic cardio is an exercise bike, a treadmill, an ellipsoid, possibly a stepper.

Do you have something from this house? Excellent! 40 minutes of work at a heart rate of 120-125 beats.

Want to really lose weight? Try interval elements.

Home training in interval mode is a good option for losing weight for girls.

For example, you pedal on an exercise bike.

Put a bigger load, accelerate to the maximum possible rhythm and hold this speed for 20-30 seconds, then slow down the load and continue to pedal at a slow pace, restoring breathing and pulse.

Ligaments on the press

Use the following basic movements on the press as supersets:

  • Lift the body while lying with your legs bent at the knees.
  • Alternately raising the legs.
  • Simultaneous raising of the legs.
  • Raising the hull with the legs up.

  • Lying twists.
  • Lying side twists - stretch your arms and try to reach them to the heel, twisting in the lower back. The right hand is trying to get the right heel, the left - the left.


Open the Internet, enter “aerobics video course” and carefully repeat what is happening on the screen.

Why aerobics is good:

  • You are positive, make rhythmic movements to the music
  • You sweat, your heart accelerates to 120-130 beats per minute
  • You lose weight and become slimmer with every workout!

Aerobics is great for burning fat at home.

It lasts about an hour, during which time up to 400 calories are consumed. Do not be too lazy to get to the pool - water aerobics burns up to 700 or more calories in the same time. Almost 2 times more.

For a greater variety, buy a fitness hoop - you will twist it on the belt. You can take a step platform.

Then you can do step aerobics.

Using dumbbells and weights

Training at home is difficult without dumbbells or weights. They lie to themselves in a corner, pleasing to the eye. I want to take them and deal with them. And if there are no dumbbells, then you won’t force yourself to do it.

You can do aerobics with dumbbells. You can systematically do various exercises, such as breeding, bench presses, squats, lunges with dumbbells.

Workout program for girls at home - the right exercises

A training program for losing weight to girls with dumbbells, for example, may look like this (circular version):

  1. Bench press with 15 repetitions.
  2. The sitting dumbbell press must also be done in 15 repetitions
  3. The dumbbell bench press from behind the head, the same number of times.
  4. Bending your arms with a dumbbell, stop - the same amount.

Rest until the pulse is restored.

  1. Squats with dumbbells - 1 set of 15 times
  2. Lunges with them, the same number of times
  3. Bends with dumbbells and Romanian or deadlift 15 times.
  4. Standing dumbbell breeding - also at 15.

Rest until the pulse is fully restored

Well, after the press. You can make a bunch of 7-8 exercises, where every 2 will be connected to the superset.

We have already talked about this above.

As for the weights - they can be put on hands and feet and perform any exercises that you did without weight. Thus, the load on the muscles will be greater, and, therefore, training is more effective.

Principles of programming

Training for girls at home should consist of different exercises.

Workout program for girls at home - the right exercises

Any program for losing weight should contain cardio before and after the main training.

After cardio, the most difficult exercises, for example, on the legs, should go. Then come the chest-back and arms-shoulders. You can finish the training with the press.

Men are more difficult to do at home - they need weights. But the girls have enough small dumbbells and intense work of 7 pots to lose weight.

The female body is slightly different from the male.

You can do the same complex several times a week. You can divide training into muscle groups - but this is more suitable for gaining mass and creating a good relief. To lose weight - it is better to use a circular training.

In the simplest case for women, in general, a normal cardio and diet is enough.

But with this training regimen, fat will simply go away, and the shape of the muscles will practically not change. If you want to not only lose weight, but also pump up - use cardio dosed, be sure to perform exercises on specific muscle groups.

For more complex purposes - you need to create an individual program in each case.

We take into account the nutrition

Many begin to engage, a month passes - there is no result. And even worse - the weight is growing!

Workout program for girls at home - the right exercises

What is the matter? What about food, have you somehow changed your diet? Not.

And this is exactly what needs to be done! Eat less fast carbohydrates and fats, replace harmful foods with healthy ones, eat balanced and don't overeat. Here is the magic key to success.



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