Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

In the sports club "OLYMP-Kislovsky" the most modern simulators are installed - in Moscow no one else has them. Thanks to innovative technologies, they allow you to make training even more effective. We decided to make sure of this and asked our producer Ales Khrapykin to test them.

Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

Photographer: Kristina Podrezova

  • Stand on the simulator and start walking.
  • Make sure your back is level.

    The gaze should be directed forward.

  • Warm up for 10-15 minutes.

Vario cross-trainer combines the best elements of steppers and cross-trainers. It allows you to conduct three types of training: a vertical step that simulates up and down movements, elliptical movements that simulate walking or running, and a special Vario movement that simulates an athlete’s fast run with a wide step (up to 83 centimeters). Vario synchronizes the load of the upper and lower parts of the body and allows you to burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes of training.

That is why the warm-up on it turns out to be better and more complete than on ordinary ellipses.

Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

Photographer: Kristina Podrezova

The back of the simulator must be set so that your thigh fully fits on the seat. That is, the knees should be on the edge of the seat, and the sacrum pressed to the back. The position of the second roller (for which you wind your legs) must be set so that you rest against it with the lower part of the lower leg. The angle in the knee joint should not be less than 90 degrees.

The last thing to do is set the correct weight (it depends on your level of training). Choose a weight so that with it you can do three or four sets of 15-20 times. Large weights are not used in this exercise.

  • Sit in the simulator, press your back against its back and place your legs behind the roller.
  • Hands hold the special handles on the sides of the seat.

    Lift your toes.

  • As you exhale, gently bend your legs. Tighten the quadriceps at the highest point as much as possible, stay in this position for 1-2 seconds.
  • As you inhale, lower your legs, but do not bend them to the end. Even at the bottom, the quadriceps must be tense.

  • Follow the sensations in the knees, do not drop your legs sharply.

Training the quadriceps on the Leg Extension of the ARTIS series. The U-GO display acts as a trainer, making calculations and recommending the athlete the ideal speed and amplitude of the exercise. The option to save results in the Wellness System online system helps you track sports progress and quickly adjust your workout. Maximum ergonomics of the model is achieved due to the anatomical seats and the accessibility of all settings directly from the simulator chair.

Technogym Prone Leg Curl - a simulator for training the back of the thigh. Easily configurable for use by athletes of all sizes. And the UNITY ™ MINI console helps you quickly learn the right technique for doing the exercises.

Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

Photographer: Kristina Podrezova

  • Sit in the simulator, firmly rest your feet on the platform and push it with your heels.
  • Keep your knees strictly parallel to each other, without deviations.

  • Always control the position of the lower back - it should be pressed firmly against the bench.
  • During the exercise, the feet and knees should move in the same line.
  • Press your head to the back of the seat too - this is necessary to maintain control and concentration.
  • During execution, it is important to keep the body in constant tension.
  • Take a breath when lowering, exhale - when lifting.

    In doing so, do not straighten the knees to the end.

The leg press on the simulator is an excellent exercise for basic pumping of large muscles. During its implementation, the quadriceps and gluteus muscles, as well as the biceps of the hips, are trained. As for the advantages of this simulator, the following can be distinguished:

  1. The load on the lower back is significantly reduced, and therefore the likelihood of injury is reduced. This feature makes exercise ideal for people with weak backs.

  2. You can set more weight, which allows you to more efficiently work out the muscles of the legs.
  3. You can easily shift the main load to the desired muscle groups. For example, to work out the buttocks better, you just need to lower your legs as much as possible (so that your knees almost touch your chest). To shift the emphasis on quadriceps - on the contrary, reduce the amplitude of movement.
  4. Leg press becomes easier.

    The technique of execution is not as complicated as with squats, and you can achieve the correct execution in just two or three lessons.

Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

Photographer: Kristina Podrezova

  • Starting position: the back is straight, the body is slightly inclined forward, the knees are bent at an angle 90 degrees. Hands at chest level hold on to the simulator.
  • Do not tilt your head so as not to pinch your neck. The knee should not go beyond the toe - this will help avoid injuries.

  • Take a deep breath and lower yourself. On a deep exhale, rise and push the ball away from the chest. Keep the balance.

OMNIA is a new complex for functional training, which maximizes the interaction of athletes during training. OMNIA complexes are designed in such a way as to conduct simultaneous (for several people at once) trainings on the development of strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility.

Thanks to the innovative configuration, all movements during classes are performed along a natural trajectory, all muscle groups are involved. OMNIA allows you to perform circular movements, shocks, traction, tilting, bending, unbending, bringing and abduction in a convenient mode and position. At this complex, you can effectively deal with everything, regardless of age and level of training.

Workout in the gym: 5 effective exercises for all muscle groups

Photographer: Kristina Podrezova

  • By pushing the sled in front of you, you load the muscles of the legs and back. The movement is a kind of sprint run with resistance.

  • In the role of resistance are the training sleds - in our case, the simulator, which makes it difficult to develop high speed.
  • The movement consists of two stages: start from a fixed position and constant acceleration as you move forward.

SKILLRUN meets the needs of all runners - from sprinters and marathon runners to triathletes. The track allows athletes to jog and perform resistance exercises on the same equipment, providing comprehensive cardio and strength training. SKILLRUN is the only treadmill that allows you to perform resistance exercises.



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