Women in South Korea fight ageism through beauty blogs

Park Mack Rey is 72 years old, and she leads the YouTube channel "Korean Grandma". In her videos, she teaches how to do makeup, gives skin care tips and talks about her life. In one of the videos, Pak repeats the makeup of the popular 24-year-old singer and actress Suzy. More than 800 thousand people are subscribed to the channel "Korean Grandmother".

In South Korea, it is customary to respect older people and show them all respect - both in work and in personal communication.

At the same time, it is much more difficult for older people in the country to find work and actively participate in public life. According to a study by the International Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, in South Korea, almost half of the population over 65 lives below the poverty line. The reason is unemployment and insufficient levels of social protection. At the same time, the South Korean National Human Rights Commission reports that age discrimination is the third most common reason why complaints are filed with the organization (after incapacity and sexual harassment).

Meanwhile, the Korean beauty industry cultivates youth.

A pale, smooth, and radiant face is a must for most Korean pop singers, Dazed writes. Pop artists after 30 simply do not survive in the industry - especially if they have noticeable age-related changes. Therefore, older people in South Korea feel "invisible." YouTube has become for them a platform where they can express their views.

Park Mack Ray is not the only beauty blogger of the older generation.

The most popular Be More channel video gained nearly a million views. This channel is targeted at women over 40. Another popular beauty blogger is 53-year-old Kim Bo Yon. In an interview with Naver, she spoke about the mission of her beauty videos: "The skin of women aged 40, 50 and 60 years old is different from the skin aged 20-30 years, but for the first there are no beauty manuals. When you become my peers, you you’re depressed because you feel that you are losing beauty and health.

I want to show that this is not so and that there is hope. "



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