Winter sports scarves: 7 great brands

Winter sports scarves: 7 great brands

Russian subcultural street clothing brand Anteater was founded in 2007 in St. Petersburg. Soft fleece balaclava can be worn as a scarf or hood. The lower part of the face will not freeze due to a special insert. The size of the balaclava is adjustable.

Anteater fleece balaclava - 999 rubles.

Winter sports scarves: 7 great brands

Winter sports scarves: 7 great brands

Warm buff with various prints from the Russian brand of thermal underwear. Hetta was created by two sister snowboarders who know how important it is to be warm on a slope. For those who want maximum comfort, there are balaclava made of the same material. They protect the head and put on like a hood.

Buff - 790 rubles.

Balaclava - 1290 rubles.

Snowboarder Olya Smeshlivaya produces the most recognizable balaclava in the Russian mountains. The line includes fleece and plush unisex models of different colors for adults and children. Be careful, you don’t want to take off a plush balaclava even at home!

Fleece balaclava - 1700 rubles.

Plush balaclava - 2500 rubles.

Without a good balaclava on a slope anywhere, any rider knows this. The American Airhole brand has the same opinion: they have fabric and puffed balaclava in their assortment that protect their face from cold wind and snow. An important detail: in all balaclavas there is a cut at the mouth, which means that the mask does not freeze from breathing. For lovers of fun, models with scary and funny prints are presented.

Airhole fleece balaclava - 3950 rub.

Downy balaclava Airhole - 4950 rubles.

We could not help but include classics in this collection. Buff produces lightweight scarves for summer activities (including those with a sunscreen), insulated with Polartec and Primaloft technologies for winter conditions, as well as different types of hats. Any scarf is easily pulled over the head under a hat or helmet.

By the way, the company comes from sunny Barcelona, ​​but this does not prevent it from creating functional things for the cold.

Winter Buff Polartec - 2790 rubles.

Slim Buff Primaloft - 2090 rub.

Roxy always relies on beautiful design and functionality. HydroSmart scarves take care of your skin while you are hiking in the mountains or running through city streets.

Microcapsules with extracts and plant oils are embedded in the material, which soothe and moisturize the skin. And scarves of bright color look great in photos!

Roxy scarf for active sports - 2690 rub.

Knitted scarf Roxy - 2890 rub.

The Russian brand Sivera produces clothes and equipment for active and extreme sports. Moreover, most models of jackets, pants, sleeping bags are not inferior to world leaders in quality and functionality.

To protect the neck and head, Sivera has two solutions: a balaclava that completely covers the entire face except the eyes, and a warm scarf buff. The balaclava is made using the technology Polartec Windblock and designed for ultra-low temperatures, and the scarf is suitable for everyday life and sports in the city.

Balaclava Sivera - 2100 rubles.

Scarf Sivera - 1200 rubles.



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