Winter challenge in social networks: people freeze jeans

Anomalous frosts came to the Midwest of the USA. And frozen clothing installations began to appear on the streets.

Residents of regions in which it is cold now, they freeze jeans, trousers and other clothes, take pictures and post them to social networks under the hashtag #frozenpants. The Chicago County Sheriff’s office, for example, froze its uniform for the challenge, and the martial arts academy froze a karate uniform.

The first such flash mob appeared in 2016.

It was launched by a resident of Minnesota Tom Grotting. He made comic frozen sculptures for several years, but only in 2016 did he have followers - after the man posted photos of his creations in the group I Love NE Minneapolis on Facebook.

This year, Grotting made a video tutorial on making frozen sculptures. To freeze jeans, you need to soak them in a bucket, and then hang them on the street. According to Grotting, for this the thermometer should drop to zero degrees Fahrenheit (-17-18 ° Celsius) - then the jeans will stand and keep their shape.



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