Wings for Life World Run Charity Runs Around the World

On May 5, hundreds of thousands of runners around the world will go to the start of a charity race for the sixth time without a certain distance.

Wings for Life is an international organization that helps scientists find ways to treat spinal cord injuries. The Wings for Life World Run charity run will be held May 5 around the world. Participants do not run to the finish line, but run away from the mobile finish line. The finish car starts moving 30 minutes after the start and gradually increases speed.

When such a car - real or virtual - equals a runner, the race ends for him.

Wings for Life World Run Charity Runs Around the World

Photo: Wings for Life

You can take part in the race on one of the thousands of official tracks around the world, running away from a real car, or online, by installing a special application. All funds raised will go to the study of spinal cord injuries.

In 2018, Wings for Life World Run brought together more than one hundred thousand runners and participants in wheelchairs on more than two hundred tracks in 66 cities of the world. All participants ran 934,484 km and collected more than three million euros.

You can find out the details and download the application on the

race website




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