Wings For Life World Run 2018 race will be held in Russia in a new format

The organizers developed the Wings For Life World Run mobile application for




. Everyone will be able to create their own race and virtually join hundreds of thousands of runners around the world. The campaign’s goal is to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. All contributions will go to support research in this area.

The Wings For Life World Run is unique in that the participants run from the finish line and not to it.

Half an hour after the start, car finishes leave, which are gradually accelerating. As soon as the car catches up with the runner, the race ends for him. This year, such cars will work virtually: the application will send sound notifications about the dynamics of the virtual car. Each participant will be able to compete for the champion title. All results will fall into a single world ranking.

Wings For Life World Run 2018 race will be held in Russia in a new format

Photo: Wings For Life World Run

Through the application, you can independently choose a route, join one of the world races or create your own route. The organizer can be anyone: a private individual, company, sports club or city administration. Using the application, you can also prepare for the race - it offers a convenient training mode. You can choose the distance, pace, schedule and intensity.

Over four years, more than 435,000 people from 193 countries of the world registered to participate in the race, participants fled to 58 countries.

In total, they ran 4.2 million kilometers, which is more than five distances from the Earth to the Moon and vice versa. For the study of spinal cord injuries, 20.6 million euros were raised.

You can register, make a donation and see the list of world tracks on site .



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