Why politeness is needed and why it is important to be sensitive

Courtesy is based on love for other people. Being polite is not a formality. Do not be rude, do not be rude - it means to think about your friends, relatives or neighbors on the bus. Remember that you are a person, and the rule of four seconds of Peter Bregman helps not to break into others. If you want to flare up, just breathe deeply for four seconds (at least).

With a deep exhalation and inhalation, if anger does not go away, it will decrease.

Courtesy helps to keep boundaries. When people want to be respected, they want to respect their boundaries. They asked about their consent, took into account the needs. This does not mean that you need to ask everyone on the bus whether it is possible to open a window.

But if someone asked to close because they are blowing a lot, you should take into account his opinion.

Politeness sets an example to others. Polite behavior is an important tool in the education and upbringing of children. And not only children. If you require courtesy from relatives, express your opinion in a respectful, not harsh form.

The word “please” and the appeal to “you” are reassuring - I just want to answer just as politely.

Politeness allows you to remain people even in emergency situations. It seems that politeness is not needed in a crush, in a fire, or in an accident. But this is not so - slowness and indifference are not needed, but love for others and respect for borders are still important. You can not get out of the crush on the head - you need to help everyone who is in trouble.



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