Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

As part of the Beat Film Festival, which will be held in Moscow from May 31 to June 10, the film "Mountains" is released - a film about a trip to the highest peak in the world, Everest. We decided to find out from mountaineering fans why they like to go to the mountains and why almost everyone who has been there at least once wants to return there.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Anna Kosova

- My first real mountain hike happened when we decided to go to Elbrus. We decided to go from the north. This is a rather non-trivial route: you go autonomously for seven days, so you need to take food, a tent and everything else that can come in handy.

It is no longer easy to walk and run. This ascent is something between tourism and mountaineering. But despite the fact that it was rather difficult, I still felt calm and even gained strength.

In the mountains you become stronger and freer, you learn to look at this world from a different angle. Other things become important.

And the more time you spend in the mountains or in the ocean, the more your worldview changes. There you see a more interesting world from a more interesting perspective, which is available to few.

The mountains discipline: you learn to quickly pack up and take with you only the necessities. Plus - for me, of course, the mountains are inseparable from running. I like to run in the mountains - and I succeed.

I like to be high - I do not feel any discomfort. If I ask: “Anya, what do you want to run a marathon in the city or 50 kilometers in the mountains?”, Of course, I will choose the mountains. I will always choose the mountains. And probably because of this, I always go back there.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Alexey Kashcheev

- For me, a mountain trip is a complete reboot and the beginning of the year from scratch.

I was in the mountains for the first time when I was in eighth grade. After that, every year I go on mountain hikes or make mountain climbing of varying difficulty.

In recent years, my friends and I most often make long isolated trips, most often in remote regions where there are no people. In such trips you need to be able to read the terrain, make difficult strategic decisions in isolation, you need physical and psychological stamina and the ability to withstand numerous natural hazards.

Among the most difficult expeditions that we carried out: Putorana plateau, Kunashir and a unique trip along the Barguzinsky ridge, which we made together with a partner, Andrei Zubarev.

For me in the mountains there are two main attractive factors. The first is risk. I am a neurosurgeon, and half of my daily work is something like risk management: you need to trust your instincts, make informed decisions, sometimes abandon a previously set goal if the risk is too great. Exactly the same thing I get in the mountains. Secondly, it is just a very useful sport: it develops the body and mind in real life situations.

Mountains are a story about people and their interaction. Despite the fact that several times this hobby almost cut off my life, I do not think that I will ever give it up.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Maya Babenko

- It seems to me that the love of the mountains is in my blood. I always go to the mountains if I feel that the energy resources of the body are exhausted.

My parents started to take me to the mountains almost immediately after birth.

For the first time, I was only a few months old. It was in Kazakhstan, in the Dzungarian Alatau. And at a conscious age, I went to the mountains every summer with my mother when she worked as a teacher in an orphanage. It was a summer mountain camp, and I spent a lot of time there.

The mountains fill with energy and reboot, and they are also so amazingly beautiful.

You go uphill, suffocate, curse everything in the world, and then get upstairs, look around and understand that for the sake of this you will rise again.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Anastasia Dzhamirze

- My first trip to the mountains happened quite late when I was 20 years old. Then we just began to live with my husband, every weekend we tried to get out somewhere. Most often went to the cinema. When all the films were reviewed, we decided to somehow diversify leisure and get out of town.

Well, we went to Goryachiy Klyuch, I began to look for where else I could go.

I came across stories about Mount Fisht. ABOUT! And we decided to go to Fisht for the May holidays. Only later did I find out that this is a categorical route where ice axes are needed. And you need to go there in the summer, and not in May.

We didn’t climb Fisht, we didn’t even reach the orphanage, put up a tent on a slope near the trail, somehow survived a cold night, and went back in the morning. My feet got wet from the snow and froze, my face burned out. After that, they promised to go to the mountains. But a week later they went again. It's like a drug: I want to relive this feeling of freedom again and again, to see all the beauty with my own eyes.

Since then, we began to go to the mountains every weekend. Over the eight years of our trips, we proceeded almost all the routes of the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. Stavropol Territory, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Crimea, Abkhazia. Now here is a new love - Dagestan! Such landscapes as there, I have never seen somewhere else. I advise everyone to go there.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Tatyana Darguzhas

- I spend a lot of time in Krasnaya Polyana, last year I started hiking . I really look forward to the start of the season to climb the top of the mountain, put up a tent, cook dinner with buckwheat and stew - believe me, after a difficult climb this is a delicacy from the chef. Plus, of course, the views from the peak of the mountain are simply incredible beauty. And a stunning starry sky. In the morning you get out of the tent and meet the first rays of the sun.

It costs a lot.

For me, a hike in the mountains is overcoming myself, this is a test of my strength and a great replacement for the hall. So everyone to go to the mountains!

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Sergey Lukashenko

- In 2013, I turned out for the first time in the mountains. Then I already lived in North Ossetia and by that time had been to the mountain Digoria. This field I wanted to change my life.

Later, I took up myself, became interested in crossfit, threw off a bunch of kilograms - and believed in myself. Now it’s not just mountain hikes, but real sports: my team participated in rogaining competitions (a mixture of orienteering, adventure racing and a mountain marathon. - Approx. Ed. ), and we walked 100 kilometers with third result.

It so happened that the love of the mountains resulted in a love of sport and participation in competitions.

Mountains - they are real, they reveal the faces of people, your essence. They give you the opportunity to understand that you live, that you are real. It’s difficult in the mountains, but you get real pleasure from this complexity.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Alexander Moskvichev

- The first time I went to the mountains in 2013.

It was a one-day summer trip to the southern Elbrus region. I was very impressed with this trip. Then I could not believe my eyes: green hills, flowering meadows and snowy mountain peaks. I wanted to cry from this beauty.

The mountains test you for strength, they instill in you love for their land, for nature, for themselves.

With each trip, I felt that more and more strength appeared in me. And where I just recently could not walk quickly due to a lack of oxygen, now I can run.

Once having been in the mountains, it is impossible to remain indifferent. You will either love them or hate them. Yes, it’s very difficult there: lack of oxygen and elevations.

Not every person is able to find the strength to overcome this. But I am attracted to these difficulties. I get a real buzz because, after going 10-20 kilometers along the highlands with a heavy backpack, I get to amazing places. And I understand that I am one of the few who could see it.

Why people like to go to the mountains: 8 stories

Tatyana Filatova

- For me mountains are a story about patience and the way up that you walk with people that cause you immeasurable respect.

The first time I got into the mountains almost by accident, I didn’t realize what it was, why the “right” boots, the Gore-Tex and CamelBak jackets in a backpack with a solid water supply, and much more were so important. But everything in life happens at the right time, and trekking in Nepal - through the Langtang valley and the Ganja pass (5,106 meters) - helped me survive not the most pleasant moments in my life. So I discovered a powerful resource - multi-kilometer transitions, climbs, contemplation of the harshness of the peaks cleanse the brain and help find the right solutions.

I won’t say that I am a fanatical climber who cares about the list of peaks. Most likely, my list will seem modest to someone.

But it also has a tour around Mont Blanc, an autonomous five-day route along the narrow ridges of the Japanese Alps, a training climb to Meru (4,560 meters) and Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters; along the highest quality and most difficult route through Umbwe), Tubkal to Morocco in January 2018 where the snowfall came from. Forty years this has not happened. And still ridiculous in height, Agung with its insurmountable ridges from cooled lava in the emerald Bali.

Mountains are the tempering of soul and body, endless patience, meditation, surprise from the resources of your body and, of course, pride.

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