Why keep a gratitude diary: Editor Challenge

- January and February for me are the most difficult months of the year. For a long time there is no heat and sunlight, every day on the street dullness and cold. After the New Year, you have to literally “reassemble” yourself again (this is not easy, although useful). Therefore, I decided to start the working part of January as consciously as possible - I promised myself to record within a month, for which I am grateful every day.

The Gratitude diary notebook from Alpina Publisher was the best choice for this.

You can use any notebook or application, for example What are you Gratef48 for? or Grateful: A Gratitude Journal. But already marked notebooks are much more convenient. The pages are divided into four parts: "I thank the events of the day", "The people I thank", "I thank myself", "Things that make my life easier, but I forget about them." This separation is especially convenient to prescribe every part of your life.

Keeping a diary was quite simple, although at first I remembered it at the very end of the day.

Then I realized that this is the best time for recordings. I consider myself a pretty conscious person - I always try to notice good events and not focus on bad ones. Another thing is when you need to remember and write down all gratitude with a pen on paper.

The vast majority of my days go according to one scenario: getting up, if I have time - a little training, then a laptop and work until late in the evening. This week, you rarely manage to chat with friends, get to the movies or to an exhibition.

There are busy days, for example, during this challenge, I spent several days in Sochi at the Rosa Khutor festival Tinkoff Rosafest .

The main challenge for me was to find different good events and little things in every routine day. The notepad included notes like thanks “to the barista for delicious coffee,” “people in line for patience,” “to a friend for making time for our meeting at lunch.” In the second half of the month I began to notice that I was often grateful to the same thing - and this is also normal.

Things that make everyday easier became a revelation.

In a month, I realized that life really consists of a million little things: ready-made food from the supermarket, warm comfortable clothes, online booking of movie tickets, a vacuum cleaner, your favorite moisturizer. All the benefits of civilization are so firmly entrenched in my everyday life that sometimes I don’t notice them - but in vain.

It turns out that the brain can find a thousand excuses to persuade you not to sit down to write thanks. In order not to give up, I came up with such life hacks:

  • allocated a specific time. I filled out the page every day before going to bed in bed.

    This turned out to be the best time to recall the events of the whole day and draw conclusions;

  • put the notebook on the bedside table - along with a pen so as not to look for it every time;
  • during the day I took notes in my phone notes. So I did not load my memory and at the end of the day I easily recalled key events for which I was grateful.

The observance of useful rituals is an important step towards awareness every day. A daily note of thanks helps (without exaggeration) to understand how wonderful life is. How many amazing things happen at every turn.

You can notice the bad, but you can the good - this is the personal choice of each person. The diary helps to choose the second. It seems that now a record of thanks will forever become a part of my life.



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