Why is it so important sometimes to lose in life and in sports

Once you lose, you will understand how those who did not succeed in being the first can feel and will know how to support them.

At least once having been defeated, you will realize that it is very difficult to do something really cool alone. You will understand the importance of team and support, and perhaps you will realize that accepting help and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, as many people are used to thinking.

Remember the cross-country classes in physical education classes at which the main goal is not to be the last, otherwise they will laugh? Forget it! Remember a classmate who was always glad that her score was higher than most, and was terribly upset if it happened the other way around (everyone had such classmates)? Forget her too!

Do not agree to learn a language in a weaker group just because there you will be a star, and among the strong ones, you may end up in the tail. But you learn the language.

Do not make the choice in favor of the usual and easy work if you have a chance to move on. Yes, you will not feel better, yes, someone will look down on you. But over time, you will not care. Because you are not doing this in order to demonstrate your skills, but in order not to stop developing.

Do not refuse to participate in the race just because you are afraid to come to the finish line in the last group.

Give it a try. And even if you finish with the worst time, you will understand that no one condemns you for this, and those who condemn you, after the race, do not care. In the end, even at the Olympic Games, athletes do not refuse to participate because of the fear of being the last. Some, on the contrary, use this as a way to attract attention. The Mexican skier (and part-time photographer, musician and actor) Hubertus von Hohenlohe, for example, got into the Guinness Book of Records for participating in 17 world championships.

At the same time, the results cannot be called outstanding: the best place at the Olympic Games is 46th. But the fans do not remember him therefore. Since they pay attention to the latter, so let them pay attention to my costumes - apparently, von Hohenlohe decided and went out on the track in national Mexican clothes. And who else has lost here?



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