Why even the skinny folds on the stomach

- I decided to share this photo with you for two reasons. Firstly, I want you to know that there is nothing to be ashamed of, that you have wrinkles on your stomach when you are sitting, and moreover, this is not a reason to hate yourself. Secondly, in my life there were also times when, sitting in front of a mirror, I unconsciously thought - "fu." It is worth saying that society has created all the conditions for me to think so.

Your stomach should not be perfectly flat so that you are healthy.

Your stomach should not be perfectly flat for you to love yourself. Your stomach should not be perfectly flat so that you are a confident, beautiful and incredibly beautiful person.

We, as part of this society, should not allow physical characteristics to set a standard that will determine whether we deserve love for ourselves or not. Everyone deserves their love. Although I understand perfectly well that to say is always easier than to do.

Something sincerely surprises me when I watch the girls doing the Fit Body Guide program. For the most part, they begin to love themselves not so much in the wake of the changes taking place with their body, but as a result of psychological and emotional changes that are the result of absolute dedication, overcoming and understanding how strong they can actually be. These changes in consciousness are just as important as physical progress (if not even more important), since true strength and beauty can be felt and seen only within ourselves.



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