Why do people like to travel in the same places

We can travel freely almost all over the world: today, give up to Tanzania, and a week later to Canada. But even the most avid travelers have favorite places, especially places close to their hearts. We understand why we are so drawn to return there.

In this place you experienced the strongest emotions. It doesn’t matter exactly where and with whom you were: you went to the Alps with friends, went with your family to the Black Sea, or meditated alone in Nepal.

The main thing is that it was there that "pushed" you, it was there that the reboot occurred. After some time, you will most likely be pulled there again. But beware: the second time (and even more so the third and fourth) magic may not happen.

During a trip to India, you were interested in the image Aboriginal life? Then for sure you will want to study this culture: to communicate with local residents, get acquainted with their religion or see how they celebrate holidays. If you feel that you are comfortable in this place - why not return there?

Why do people like to travel in the same places

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Some cities have hundreds, and even and thousands of years.

In the same Rome, where every street breathes history, you can return several times, but never study everything in detail. On duty visit to the Coliseum here is definitely not enough.

Have you met the sunrise in the Altai mountains? Are you struck by the landscapes of Norway? Does the Grand Canyon continue to dream? The world is full of beautiful places. Photos cannot convey their atmosphere completely - it’s better to see everything again with your own eyes.

Why do people like to travel in the same places

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Even if you are not a foodie and in ordinary life you manage buckwheat, food on a trip is a completely different sensation.

Which of us is not ready to wave again to Italy to eat the very pizza? We also include Finnish fish soup, Mediterranean seafood, Viennese schnitzels, Siberian dumplings and many other gastronomic pleasures.

It’s not a shameful reason to return somewhere : You liked the hotel, the spa on the ground floor and the helpful staff. A warm welcome and comfortable conditions can make any place pleasant.

We go to some places not for our own sake places, and making these trips a family ritual. To assemble the whole family and take it to the nearest forest or to the Maldives does not matter where exactly, because you are together and happy.

Even if, after years, the tradition breaks down, you will remember the place with which so many family stories are associated with warmth.

Why do people like to travel in the same places

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In this place you already know everything: which restaurant serves the best fish and where is the most deserted beach. Why change something, if it's so good? Many places that we travel from year to year become our second home. And another plus: if you have already found a restaurant and a beach, you can take up other leisure activities - for example, explore new walking routes.

Whatever attracted you to that very thing the place is wonderful.

Traveling is for fun. The most depressing task is to chase the number of countries visited, not because you like it, but because it is so fashionable or customary in your company. If Paris does not inspire you, do not portray a satisfied tourist and leave this Paris to someone else. Go where you feel good.



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