Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

We so often hear the phrase “walking outdoors is good”, we decided to find out if this is really so. In general, we figured out - the truth is useful. In this material you will find five evidence of this.

Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

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In Japan, for a long time there is a method that not only helps to get rid of stress, but also has a positive effect on the immune system.

It is called Shinrin-yoku (Shinrin-yoku), or forest bathing - the literal translation of "bathing in the woods." The article, prepared by the Japan Medical School (Ni4248on Medical School) in Tokyo, states this: a walk in the woods can increase the amount of antitumor substances and increase the activity of the natural so-called killer cells, which are aimed at the destruction of tumor cells. So how do you "take a bath" in the forest to achieve a similar effect? Researchers describe this process as follows: "walk in the forest to rest, breathing deeply in the air, which contains special volatile substances - volatile (essential oils of trees)." The thing is precisely in these volatile products - they kill and / or inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria.

In addition to reducing stress and strengthening immunity, researchers noted that walks in the forest lead to lower blood pressure and a decrease in the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

On our own, we want to add that a strong immune system depends on many factors - playing sports, good sleep, healthy eating, etc. Therefore, do not rush from one extreme to another.

Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

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In the fall and winter, many people are in a bad mood, which can slowly turn into depression. To prevent this from happening, scientists advise walking outdoors as often as possible.

According to a study at Stanford University, a 90-minute walk through the woods reduces the activity of a specific area of ​​the brain that is active when a person experiences negative emotions or depression. The likelihood of depression also depends on where you live. Researchers note: those people who live in the city are prone to anxiety and affective disorders by 20% and 40%, respectively, more than those who live in rural areas. In principle, this is understandable without various studies - traffic jams, vanity, queues, problems at work. Few people can remain calm and control their emotions, but this can and should be learned.

How - we told in our last article.

Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

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Will you have a difficult exam soon? Go outdoors if you feel that you can no longer learn anything. A study conducted at the University of Michigan revealed the following: walks in the woods even in winter help to improve memory and attention by 20% compared with walks in the city. In addition, another study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to be better focused on something when they are in the open air.

Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

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A healthy and sound sleep begins with going outside and meeting the sun. According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, those people who spend a lot of time outdoors and in rooms with natural light sleep an average of 46 minutes more per day. The study also said that in addition to sleep, participants improved their mood, they became more physically active and generally happier.

Why do doctors advise more to walk and spend time outdoors

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Although this fact is not directly related to health, you must admit that the mood in the family always affects the emotional, psychological and physical condition of partners and children. Researchers from the University of Illinois based on various observations have come to the following conclusions: if the family regularly spends time together in nature, this creates a sense of identity and ownership. In addition, a morning run in the park not only helps to get away from everyday routine, but also reduces mental fatigue and restores attention - both of these indicators, oddly enough, are very important for maintaining a strong family.



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