Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

August 25th will be the annual Big Swim Day outdoor swimming festival from the I Love Su12ers15ort easy swimming school. On this occasion, we decided to find out from four people why they came to the pool and why they decided to cross the Bosphorus.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Evgenia Dorofeeva

- It all started with the fact that I traditionally flipped through the Facebook tape and came across a post familiar with how she crossed the Bosphorus. I excitedly read her story and sincerely admired her. I was struck by two things: the Bosphorus can be crossed and there is a school that teaches adults to swim.

So I found out about I Love Su38ers45ort Swimming, and I had a goal for the coming year. After a couple of hours, I already paid for the first level of school.

I always liked the water, I loved to swim, I had no fear of water. I studied for a month without missing a single lesson, and sailed my final 500 meters (the whole concept of the school is based on the fact that a person always has a final specific goal. In swimming on the first level, it’s 500 meters with a crawl, on the second - 1,000 meters , on the third - swim the “fast” kilometer with a crawl.

Fast is faster than in 20 minutes).

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Photo: from the personal archives of Eugenia

I stopped imagining my life without a pool. I went through the second level, bought a slot on the Bosphorus and began preparing for starts in open water. Then she bought slots in advance for a bunch of other heats. So I was drawn into swimming with my head.

I swam across the Bosphorus, and it so happened that I changed my job at an advertising agency to work at the I Love Su74ers91ort correct sports school, where I learned how to swim. I swam many times in Sochi, twice crossed the Bosphorus, finished several races in Moscow and Moscow Region, swam in Seliger and in Spanish Benidorm. My nearest swim is planned on Lake Sevan in Armenia, and in November I sail ten kilometers in Dubai.

This year I tried myself in the triathlon: in the sprint (swimming - 750 m, cycling - 20 km, running " strong" and my favorite stage in the triathlon. I began to prepare for the semi-iron race (swimming - 1.

9 km, cycling - 90 km, running - 21.1 km) in Dubai in February.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Photo: from the personal archives of Eugenia

Last year, my first swim in Oceanman in Sochi immediately became successful for me - I took second place in my age category, I was partly lucky, there were not many participants, I qualified for the finals of the Oceanman swims series, it is often called the World Cup. Now I can proudly say that I am a participant in the World Cup (just kidding, of course). This year I also qualified for the finals.

From time to time I take prizes in age categories, but I lack experience - I only swim two years, and many other swimmers have sports schools and classes. But I am proud of my result on the Bosphorus. This year I became the sixth in the age category of 90 other participants. So, we must go next year and try to get into the top three.

Sport gives me new emotions and new friends.

It seems that over the past two years I met as many people as over the past 26 years.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Anton Angel

- I started swimming in November 2017. Before that, he managed to run the Moscow marathon, and swimming was the next step to the main sports goal - Ironman. Swimming is just so boring, so on January 4, on the night when slots appeared on the Bosphorus, I did not sleep. I heard from many guys with whom I am training that they could not buy a slot for several years in a row, but I bought it without any problems.

The next day I paid for participation in several more starts: after all, the more starts, the more experience and adventure.

The first competition - the Champions Cup in Krylatsky, swam a nautical mile. I was nervous: the first time in a wetsuit, and indeed scary. But 38 minutes according to my sensations shrank to 10. As if once or twice - and I'm already at the finish.

The second start - a swim in Lake Seliger. Not very lucky with the weather: on the launch day it was cold and large waves formed. He planned to sail five kilometers, but he was covetous and changed his distance by one mile. Looking back, I do not regret it at all. Then - Oceanman in Moscow, three kilometers on the Klyazma reservoir.

At this start, I realized that five kilometers on Seliger would have been too long a distance for me. Finished successfully, almost selected for the World Cup in Dubai.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Photo: from the personal archives of Anton

Not a single open water competition impressed me so much as a swim in the Bosphorus. When we sailed on a ferry along the distance route, emotions were full. It was scary: this is a huge canal through which dozens of ships go every hour.

I remember the launch day almost every minute. He arrived in town, undressed, gave things to his wife. I got on the ferry and went to the starting point. Then the judges start, and you stand on the upper deck and wait for you to finally be allowed to jump into the water. For more than six months I have been waiting for this moment, "let's get it faster.

" Then I go downstairs, run into the pontoon, from which they jump into the water, and clearly realize that today I am successfully finishing. The water is warm, around there are beautiful views of Istanbul, and next to two and a half thousand are as crazy people as you are. If you do not chase the prizes, you have time to look around and feel the moment. Then the weather turned bad and it started to rain, the waves rose. But having the experience of Seliger, I did not experience any difficulties.

He simply used the waves to his advantage and adjusted his breathing so as not to swallow the salt water. The most difficult part in the swim is the last 50 meters before the finish: a lot of people, some of whom swim slowly or even breaststroke. Then I had to fight and spend the rest of my strength. Then everything is like in a fog - a sensor is removed from my foot, which counts the time, a towel and chocolates are handed. Ten minutes later, my family and friends meet me and, under the jaunt of the crowds, they pour champagne over the crowds - that day I became a cross-continental swimmer.

To cross the Bosphorus was my first goal in the life list of a hundred things that I could not find time for before or simply put them off for later. In July, I launched the blog , in which I published all one hundred goals and tell you how I achieve them. I plan to complete them all by the end of 2020. This method of public promise encourages us to move forward and by no means stop . And if my example inspires someone to achieve great goals, I will be damn happy.

So, it’s not in vain.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Maxim Antosik

- I started swimming three years ago to keep fit. 6-8 people studied with me, and this is very cool - you begin to feel competition. If I saw that I was swimming worse than the others, I applied more effort, if it was better, I felt satisfaction from progress.

Over time, I got bored just swimming in the pool.

Then I found out that there are open water starts, and began to participate in them. First, crossed the Volga, and then the Teriberskaya Bay - it is located near Murmansk, it was there that they shot the film "Leviathan". The water temperature was only five degrees Celsius, killer whales passed by - a real adventure. Swimming in open water is completely different from swimming in the pool: the bottom is not visible and there is no marked track. In this regard, there are nuances of orientation - you need to raise your head above the water in order to understand the direction.

Gradually, these skills are being developed.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Photo: from Maxim’s personal archives

This fall I plan to master 17 km in Austria, on Lake Wörthersee. By the way, the same width of Gibraltar in the narrowest place. But before, I could not even think of such distances - they seemed simply unrealistic. For example, when I was going to swim five kilometers in Sochi on Oceanman, I felt like a superhero.

And nearby stood the girls who wanted to overcome ten kilometers. I then thought: "How is this even possible?" Over time, it became clear to me that all the restrictions in my head. When you tell yourself that you can, you just take and do. True, it is not yet clear how people cross the English Channel: 35 kilometers in cold water without a wetsuit. But I hope that soon this goal will become real for me.

Swimming is a terrific sport. In general, the environment of people on healthy lifestyle is very addictive. I myself did not notice how suddenly after them I began to sign up for jogging, half marathons, marathons, although I never liked running. It was hard for me, I even had to lose weight. Following this, a triathlon appeared in my life - how to challenge to overcome my own internal barriers.

Looking at me, my whole family began to run, jump, swim. Even the son, who is 4.5 years old, ran his first 500 meters, received a medal and is extremely happy. Now I dream about how he will win the triathlon world championship.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Alexandra Malania

- At the beginning of this year I fell into a deep depression due to difficulties at work.

My husband, who had already run his first marathon by that time, began to swim and made active plans for open water swimming. He really wanted to help and invited me to take a closer look at the classes at I Love Supersport - all of a sudden I will find something that I like and give strength. But, unfortunately, when a person is depressed, he lacks the strength and motivation to do something. Then the idea of ​​going to training drove me even more discouraged. I can’t run because of problems with my legs, riding a bicycle did not cause any special emotions.

But water is definitely mine. I can rest on my back as much as I like and feel very comfortable. Having figured out my condition, I decided that spring is a great time to take up the body after the spirit. So I chose swimming.

Why and why do people start swimming: 4 stories

Photo: from the personal archives of Alexandra

I signed up for morning workouts and was not mistaken.

After an early lesson, you are full of strength and freshness. Well, only if you had a good breakfast before training, of course. At first it was very difficult to do: it was difficult to synchronize hands, to coordinate movements correctly and, most importantly, to breathe correctly. After three “pools” it seemed like I was choking and spitting out my lungs. But with experience and the amount of training you understand that all this is a matter of technology.

The first 500 meters were hard, it seemed they would never end. But in the last segment I received an incredible boost of support, which I never received: with a scream and encouraging phrases, my husband, my coach, and guys from the headquarters supported me. I pulled myself together and did not give up, because you could not let those who were so sick for me. I think my impressions of the first distance became the main reason why I decided to continue swimming. Swimming gives a lot of energy and the goal is to become stronger.

The feeling of how your body is getting stronger is absolutely incredible. I’ve been practicing for three months already and, I think, learned to swim pretty well as a crawl. The funny thing is that now even on vacation I swim in glasses, otherwise it becomes terribly uncomfortable.



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