Who is now passing the TRP and why: 4 stories

TRP comes from the USSR. Then more than half of the country had the coveted badge. We talked with people who, in our time, pass the standards of the program, found out their motivation, and also which of the tests of the modern TRP seemed to them the most difficult.

Who is now passing the TRP and why: 4 stories

- About I heard the program at work - in Rosreestr. We were offered to go through the TRP, talked about the standards and how all this will happen.

It was possible to take it at will, on the days of the test execution they were released from work. I wondered if I could.

First, it was necessary to obtain a certificate from the medical commission on admission. We arrived at the appointed time, everything was prompt and fast. This is also a plus, so I don’t even know when I would go to check my health.

The delivery of the TRP itself was divided into several days. It was fun to run and jump with colleagues. Everything went very amicably and harmoniously: they came to the stadium, where we were handed out t-shirts with numbers under which we passed the standards, everything was fixed and recorded. By the way, the exam in Ufa was supervised by the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, biathlete Maxim Chudov.

I didn’t specially prepare for the TRP, but it was not difficult for me, since I regularly do fitness and are in good physical shape.

The only thing I had to prepare for was shooting. I had never shot before, so the first time it was not entirely clear what and how. But since I passed all the previous standards for gold, I did not want the shooting to fail. I had 3-4 classes with a coach, after that I passed the standard safely. The most exhausting of all the trials I called the 2 km run.

On Instagram, I described emotions, told friends and subscribers what was happening and how. So many of my friends learned about the TRP from me. I passed all the standards for gold, I'm waiting for the official presentation of the insignia. They said they would hand it at work. I think some encouragement from the leadership will follow as well.

In my opinion, the TRP is very cool. I wish everyone at least try to pass these standards and test themselves.

Who is now passing the TRP and why: 4 stories

- Once in the pool I saw information about the TRP. Everything that once heard about this strange word began to pop up in my memory - as it turned out, only from my parents. “Ok Google” promptly said what these three mysterious letters mean and what you need to be able to be prepared for work and defense.

I looked at the standards and wondered if I could pass them. But b about most of the inhabitants of the USSR passed. It turned out that on the move to take them will not work. With my good physical condition, I had to prepare for two months. Running is my drive, and there were no problems, I added strength exercises and swimming to my workouts.

The press norm seemed to me the most difficult, it was not easy to meet the exact time. I did not even think about the fact that it is possible to pass on a silver badge. It's just not interesting!

Many of my friends asked why I needed it. Those who did not want to check their form on the standards were not among them. Well, this is not surprising.

Now amateur sports are only gaining momentum. For more than two years I have been running in the parks of my hometown - Tula, and the runners have significantly increased over this time. This is a steep trend. But it takes time. Sport must be massive.

Who is now passing the TRP and why: 4 stories

- The idea of ​​rebuilding the TRP was positive, as soon as the tests began to be carried out, I immediately signed up. Indeed, such a program educates the character: during the passing of standards, a serious struggle is played out not only with oneself, but also with other people. It is very interesting to watch participants from different categories who pass the TRP in parallel. For example, a person from group 7 fulfills the standards of 6.5 or even 4, thereby he sets an example for the rest.

Those close to me reacted well to my desire to pass the TRP, my younger brother and one more friend even passed tests with me (by the way, we all turned in for gold). In principle, we didn’t prepare, since we play sports all the time. We ran a little cross for a while to understand the pace with which we must run. Just letting in 3 km was a question for me (I haven’t been running for a long time). We had to run 3 km in the premises of a sports school, where the circle was 120 m, and for the standard we had to overcome 27 circles! But I did it.

It was a problem for my friends to pass the standard for throwing grenades. Remembering everything from the school curriculum (throwing with an effort upwards at an angle of 45 degrees), I threw the right distance the first time, and when I asked for two more attempts, they refused me: "I did it with a margin, and there are still a lot of people behind you so don't hold up. " My comrades for gold did not comply with the standard, after we made a mock grenade and trained to retake. Another test - shooting from an electronic rifle. We have never fired such shots (I thought there would be an air gun, there are no problems with it), as we expected, we did not comply with the shooting standard, so we had to go swimming.

From the very beginning, I had the task of handing over only the golden sign of the TRP, which I successfully managed.

Who is now passing the TRP and why: 4 stories

- I am friends with sports, I’ve been in the IvSU track and field team for three years now and have been playing in the White Sharks women's rugby club Ivanovo for a year. The idea of ​​reviving the TRP was neutral, but after plunging into this atmosphere as a participant, I got acquainted with the development program of the TRP in the country at the All-Russian Forum of Student Sports Clubs in Kazan in 2017, my attitude changed. It was after visiting the forum that I realized how important this is as raising the country's overall sports level, identifying sports talents from early childhood, and simply as yet another way to maintain sports excitement for existing athletes.

I decided to pass the TRP standards immediately after the coach’s proposal, it was interesting to check my general physical level of training.

I wasn’t getting ready to pass the norms, I just had training in the background. The most difficult thing was shooting for me, and to be completely honest, it wasn’t giving me at all, somehow I didn’t ask myself with it. But there were no difficulties with running disciplines, and I dealt with power quite easily. I did not have any other kind of difficulties, I handed over all the standards with a large margin.

Due to technical difficulties, I passed the TRP in three stages and in different places.

Because of this, I waited for my sign for almost a year, during which time I managed to participate in the TRP shares three more times and confirm my level, confirm that I really deserve gold. And just the other day, I received the long-awaited insignia. I think that I will continue to confirm my level for several years, which must pass to move to a new level, and there I will show my strength, I will try to repeat the success and again pass the gold standards.

Many of my friends, both athletes and ordinary people who love an active lifestyle, passed the TRP standards. Everyone got a different result, but everyone is set to only improve it.



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