White meat is not safer than red meat (as scientists say)

White meat contains less fat and calories than red meat, which is why it is considered dietary. However, a new study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that white meat is not healthier than red meat.

Scientists from University of California, San Francisco asked more than a hundred healthy people aged 21 to 65 to eat three types of food for a month. The diet of one group included beef, the second - chicken, and the third group generally refused to eat meat. Four weeks later, scientists took blood tests from all participants in the experiment.

Those who ate red and white meat had the same level of total and “bad” cholesterol as those who refused meat for the duration of the experiment.

"Bad" cholesterol (LDL) is a low density lipoprotein that settles on the walls of blood vessels and provokes atherosclerosis. Scientists noted that eating red meat can lead to other diseases (but additional studies are needed to confirm the hypothesis).



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