“While walking there is a feeling of euphoria - as in youth”: why people do Nordic walking

In St. Petersburg on November 14 there will be a regional stage of the campaign "Move, Russia!" The project is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and Nordic walking. We talked with people for whom this activity is more than just walking with sticks.

- I started Nordic walking four years ago, at 56 years old. Before that, she had never seriously engaged in sports: even at school in physical education she was in a special group.

The impetus was overweight - before training, I weighed 100 kilograms. I went to Nordic walking courses: at first I had three trainings a week plus independent trips. Now I already work as an instructor in the Nordic Walking Club. I train on average seven times a week for two hours. My norm is to walk 7-8 kilometers per day.

Of course, no one wants to start studying. Everyone finds a thousand and one excuses why he does not need walking. But after a few classes a person sees the first successes, and this inspires him! Someone's blood pressure drops, someone's sugar. Everyone is guaranteed to feel better, their weight is reduced and their mood is lifted. The main thing is not to be lazy and be able to lift yourself off the couch.

Before starting classes, you must definitely do a medical examination to find out if health allows Nordic walking. Beginners walk 20 minutes a day three times a week. Then, with experience, distances increase.

I pulled friends and relatives into the sport. My whole family walks with sticks.

On holidays, we give each other equipment for walking, we practice together. Even my grandson has been walking since the age of four.

- I retired this summer. It so happened that throughout my life I worked at a bank and just do not know how to stay at home. At first, I just walked through the parks all day.

Then she accidentally met a couple who is engaged in Nordic walking. They helped me pick up clothes and sticks, I began to go to group classes. And I liked it so much! I began to feel better, my back stopped hurting. I have osteochondrosis (which actually means osteochondrosis, read in our material. - Note.

Ed. ), but thanks to walking, the spine is almost not disturbed. This is some kind of miracle, honestly!

I have been practicing since September, but have already fallen in love with this sport! I work on my technique, I pay special attention to my hands. This is a thrill - to feel that you are starting to walk correctly. But still work and work, of course.

I train four times a week: twice with a group and two on my own. The trainer says that in a few months you can go to the competition. I think I can already prepare for spring.

I really like how the body reacts to activity: the muscles strengthened, I began to look tightened. But walking with sticks also causes a sense of peace.

We train in nature, admire it. Around birds, squirrels - beauty! As soon as the husband retires, she will immediately begin to practice. I see that intrigued him.

While walking there is a feeling of euphoria - as in youth. I will not give up doing this.

“While walking there is a feeling of euphoria - as in youth”: why people do Nordic walking

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- I have been Nordic walking since April. Before that, he had been treated for osteochondrosis for three years. That just did not, where only not observed. And in Moscow, and in Central Asia.

Almost reached China. But I won’t say that something helped. Then, as a gym, I decided to try Nordic walking. It has become easier. Two months later, pain in the lower back and legs began to pass.

I feel much better now. No matter how funny it may sound, but I even grew by 2.5 centimeters! Although, rather, just straightened up.

We all want to live and work. I am a former athlete, used to be seriously involved in wrestling, classic sambo.

Walking, of course, is not a professional sport - like physical education, but I like it. We work in groups, the workout is especially good. Imagine 30 people waving their hands at the same time. It looks funny. Mostly not very young people go.

Just the other day a girl came to the group, and she is 82 years old.

I like that in the group I am one boy, mostly all girls. With the beginning of classes, my circle of contacts expanded, new friends appeared. He tried to drag his brother in, but he was not hooked. Laziness, probably.

I train three to four times a week. I walk along forest paths on weekends, but at the same time I do a rest day once a week.

The coach offered to compete, but I refused. And so things are full, but for competitions it takes time. But I'm not going to quit walking.

During training, you feel young, you forget about your age, a light appears in your eyes.

- Last year I graduated from high school Nordic walking. We had a special group: everyone suffered from diabetes. Our classes lasted four months, and during this time we learned how to walk correctly with sticks. We have mastered the technique and learned how to monitor breathing and heartbeat.

Probably, many Nordic walking seems frivolous and simple thing, but in fact it is not. I would advise any beginner to first look at least on the Internet equipment and only then go out with sticks.

When I started doing Nordic walking, my attitude to life changed, energy appeared. At school, 16 people attended, and we did not want to leave. Then, after training, we ourselves organized a club for Nordic walking enthusiasts.

There we tell and show everyone the details of this activity. We put the equipment, give advice. We can teach you how to play sports without harming your health.

Nordic walking is changing. I used to be passive, but now the body requires a load.

And if you add positive emotions from communication to this, you get invaluable health benefits. The body is flexible, the mood is good. In training, you enter the pace - and fly!



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