Where to try tom yum: 6 best cafes and restaurants of Thai cuisine in Moscow

The setting of the establishment returns to the atmosphere of vacation. D isine of the restaurant with dragons-statues, wooden columns reminiscent of the Buddhist stupas of Thailand, refers to bewitching Thai culture.

The cuisine in this establishment is varied . One dish combines sour and spicy, sweet and salty tastes. The authentic ingredients that chef Juntabup Aod uses, are sourced directly from Thailand.

On the menu: Thai beef salad, shrimp donuts, abundance of seafood, curry dishes, fresh roll with mango, coconut cake with fried white chocolate and much more.

Address: Bolshoi Putinkovsky per. 5. 5.

Average bill: 1500-2000 rubles.

This cozy restaurant is located in Kitay Gorod. For more than ten years, the institution remains one of the most popular among fans of Thai cuisine. Each position is exotic and a work of art. The choice of dishes will appeal to both lovers of meat and seafood, as well as vegetarians.

Here you will find the signature Tiger Burger, several types of noodles and tom yam, salad mixes and other national dishes.

Address: st. Pokrovka, 4, p. 1.

Average bill: 1500-2500 rubles.

"Neon monkey" on Bolshaya Dmitrovka attracts attention with wall graffiti, colored lamps, hieroglyphs on white tiles and neon tints that create an underground atmosphere.

Institution is positioned as a Thai bar: the menu consists of a standard set without author's positions. From the dishes: salads and snacks, two types of soup, several items of hot, four types of rice and three types of noodles with different toppings.

If you are just getting acquainted with Thai cuisine, take something unusual, such as a sweet salad with green and yellow mango or fried shrimp and avocado with jasmine rice in pineapple.

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32, p. 2.

Average bill: 700-1500 rubles.

The network of pan-Asian cafes

is working

since 2008. The menu combines the best dishes of Thailand, Japan, India, China and Vietnam. The establishment is famous for large portions, and noodles are considered the hallmark of Menza Cafe. Here you can try a variety of sets, Asian soups, dishes prepared on a wok.

Vegetarians often take crispy eggplant and spinach noodles. Cafe networks are located in different locations of the city, find the nearest one in this list of addresses.

Addresses: Autumn Boulevard, d. 7, building 1, 2 floor; avenue Vernadsky, 105, building 3; st. Schukinskaya, 42, 4th floor; st.

Rusakovskaya, d. 22; Manezhnaya square, d. 1, p. 2; st. Trade Union, 118; st.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32.

Average bill: 700-1000 rubles.

Where to try tom yum: 6 best cafes and restaurants of Thai cuisine in Moscow

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The National Food Institute awarded Baan Tai with a quality certificate of The Pride of Thailand as one of the best Thai restaurants in the world. The name translates as "Thai house.


The kitchen will be appreciated by lovers of exotic and gastronomic experiments. The menu includes crispy Keio Angoon envelopes filled with blue cheese and grapes, Gaeng Jude Lungo with meat balls, glass noodles and seaweed, Hu Chalam Mamdag from shark fins with crab.

Address: Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya St. 11. 11.

Average bill: 1500-2500 rubles.

Where to try tom yum: 6 best cafes and restaurants of Thai cuisine in Moscow

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is located near the center of Thai massage. The restaurant has a small selection of dishes, but each one is in the best traditions of Thai cuisine: Thai pad noodles with Pad Thai shrimps, hot-sour coconut milk soup with shrimps and Tom Yam Gung rice, chicken soup with coconut milk, rice and Thai herbs "Tom Ka Gai", spicy pork salad with red hot pepper on the grill "Nam Tok Moo".

A place chosen by lovers of chili peppers and spices.

If this is not about you, ask the waiter to make the dish less spicy in advance.

Address: Running street. , 26.

Average bill: 700-1500 rubles.



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