Where to run in Moscow. The best route and 5 great warm-up exercises

For jogging, it is important to choose not only comfortable equipment, but also a suitable place. Ideally, when there are several such places - the same types can get bored after a couple of workouts, and interest in running will quickly disappear. And when there is a car, it is especially convenient to start every time in a new place. So that you do not waste time searching for locations, we have selected several long-distance routes within Moscow. All that remains for you is to throw the necessary things into the car, get to the point, park and start jogging.

Route No. 1 (~ 15 kilometers). Frunzenskaya embankment - Luzhnetsk metro bridge - Pushkinskaya embankment - Gorky park - Zhitnaya street - Bolshaya Polyanka street - 1st Spasonalivkovsky lane - Museon park - Krymskaya embankment - Patriarch bridge - Prechistenskaya embankment - Frunzenskaya embankment.

Route No. 2 (~ 6 kilometers).

Bersenevskaya embankment - Patriarchal bridge - Yakimanskaya embankment - Kadashevskaya embankment - Lavrushinsky lane - Bolshoi Tolmachevsky lane - Klimentovsky lane - Ozerkovsky lane - Ozerkovskaya embankment - Bolshoy Ustinsky bridge - Raushskaya embankment - Sofiyskaya embankment - Bersenevskaya.

Route No. 3 (~ 7 kilometers). Rozhdestvenka Street - Rozhdestvensky Boulevard - Milyutinsky Lane - Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Lane - Bolshaya Spasoglinischevsky Lane - Solyanka Street - Ustinsky Passage - Moskvoretskaya Naberezhnaya - Kitaygorodsky Passage - Neglinnaya Street - Zvonarsky Lane - Rozhdestvenka Street.

And if you want to change locations at least every week and make your own routes, follow these simple rules:

  • there should be a parking lot near the start of the run;
  • it is desirable that the route passes through descents, ascents and other obstacles - this will definitely not make you bored, plus appears additional load;
  • choose shadow areas, especially in summer;
  • try not to run out on big roads, gas contamination from cars is an unpleasant thing;
  • if you are not ready to run out on city roads yet, train in different parks - thanks to the car you can run in all parks of Moscow and Moscow region.

    For example, in the Krylatsky hills, Tsaritsyno, Kolomenskoye, Meshchersky park, Troparevsky forest park, Podushkinsky forest, Filevsky park.



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