Where to listen and search for new music: 10 sites

In November, the Music Business program is launched at the Moscow Music School, where students will learn how to manage and promote artists. At the request of The Challenger, the curators of the Music Production course from the Monoleak studio team, Fyodor Pereverzev, Savely Shestak, Alina Golubeva and Savva Rozanov, named resources where it is worth listening to music.

Where to listen and search for new music: 10 sites

Monoleak studio team

A site where you can find all the strangest and most independent from around the world through collections by genre and tag.

There is a convenient Station button that automatically selects similar artists or tracks. In addition to the huge base of music, there are many unofficial remixes of various compositions.

Many of us are subscribed to various publics on Vkontakte, where we We learn about the latest in musical genres that interest us. In this case, you don’t even need to look for anything, the main thing is to subscribe to those you can trust.

For the design work, we most often use Youtube - there is everything for selection references, all soundtracks for films, games, commercials. Sometimes recommended videos in the right column help in the search.

Outside the studio, most often we listen to music through A8193le Music - genre collections of personal interests or editorial tops to follow the musical context.

Service with music in original studio quality, without compression. It is suitable for sound engineers at the stage of mixing and mastering musical material - you can hear all the subtleties and details of compositions that I would like to get closer in sound.

This is a huge catalog of music collectors on physical media (vinyl, CD, cassettes ), very rare performers and selections come across.

Magazine about techniques and technologies in the field of music creation. Sometimes opens up new names.

One of the main music media specializing in electronics and hip hop. A particularly favorite category is

Against the clock

, where musicians create a new track in 10 minutes.

The most relevant material, with a convenient structure for presenting the latest releases and copyright rating system.



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