Where to eat in Sochi (by the sea and in the mountains): the best cafes and restaurants

Cafe of author's Black Sea cuisine is located at the very beginning of the Olympic Park embankment. All year round they dine on the sofas on the terrace, from which the mountains are visible, or sitting in sun loungers - with beautiful sea views. The menu includes local seafood, more than ten kinds of khinkali and khachapuri, southern snacks like Ajapsandal, Abkhazian tomatoes with red onions, fried Adyghe cheese, as well as grilled dishes, a large selection of desserts and drinks.

Average bill: 1200 rubles.

Address: st.

Parusnaya, 7.

The restaurant Arkady Novikov is located in the center of the Olympic Park embankment on the first line, ten meters from the water. The emphasis here is also on the Black Sea cuisine. A Moscow-level establishment with a nice interior and professional waiters. The restaurant has a burger and a bakery.

We highly recommend that while walking along the promenade, go to the bakery for a slice of freshly baked pie with feijoa, pecans or berries and take a cup of fragrant tea for sweets.

Average bill: restaurant - 1500 rubles. , bakery - 600 rubles. Burger - 600 rubles.

Address: st.

65 years of Victory, 50.

Nice and cozy restaurant in the very center of Adler, five minutes walk from the sea. The menu includes Italian dishes (pasta, pizza, lasagna), meat and fish, snacks, rolls and much more. They cook quickly and tasty, seasonal positions are updated every few months. In good weather, sitting on the terrace and basking in the sun, it is difficult to determine whether you are in Sochi or a small town in the south of France.

For children there is a special menu and entertainment in the form of a corner with toys.

Average bill: 900 rubles.

Address: st. Kirova, 28A.

The facility is located next to the Imeretinsky Apart Hotel, near the port.

Pizza (15 different types) is prepared in a wood-fired oven, it offers a good selection of snacks with unusual combinations of products (beetroot caprico, Baltic sushi, eggplant with straccella), potato waffles, meat, fish, soups, pasta and risotto. In general, there is plenty to choose from. Breakfast here with porridge, cheesecakes, pancakes and omelettes is pleasant here on the shady veranda at any time of the year. If you freeze, there is a plaid and floor warmers.

Average bill: 1200 rubles.

Address: st. Parusnaya, 17.

A small house with the most delicious waffles in the whole Krasnaya Polyana is located on the Rosa Khutor, not far from Landing on the cable car Olympia. For 300-350 rubles, you will be prepared with the freshest waffles with cream cheese, pesto, red fish, ham, chicken and other unsweetened fillings. There are also dessert options - the waffle with ice cream and colored dragees is very popular with children.

The coffee here is excellent, it will compete with drinks from Surf Coffee (the spot on Rosa Khutor is located away from the ski lifts on 6 Medoveya St.).

Average bill: 500 rubles.

Address: st. The tract Rzhanaya Polyana, 2 (opposite the main ticket office of the resort).

Spacious and quiet restaurant on Rosa Khutor with delicious cuisine - Russian, European and local. There are no breakfasts, but there are many interesting snacks - cold and hot, hearty main dishes and seven different types of soups, from cream soup from champignons to fish soup in Sochi. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Az123mut Freestyle, pay attention if you live nearby.

Average bill: 1200 rubles.

Address: emb.

Polyanka, 4.

Cozy cidreria in the resort "Krasnaya Polyana" near the ski lift. It serves excellent pizza, delicious breakfasts, including toast with peanut butter and banana, scramble with herbs and poured craft drinks. The establishment is small, there are a couple of tables on the street and a place at the bar. It is very easy to meet local or other riders in the “How We Love” ciderrery - just treat your neighbor with pizza and chat about the weather.

Average bill: 500 rubles.

Address: Estosadok, emb. Seasons, 3 (entrance from the side of Estonian street).



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