Wheelchair dancing competitions to be held in Moscow

Thanks to such events, it is possible to solve many pressing issues: to involve people with disabilities in an active lifestyle, to draw public attention to the problems of people with disabilities and increase the sportsmanship of the participants. The tournament clearly shows the possibilities of physical culture and sports as a means of social adaptation and physical rehabilitation. Wheelchair dancing is rightfully considered a beautiful sport and an effective means of socialization.

Wheelchair dancing competitions to be held in Moscow

Photo: vk. com / wheelchair_dance

The event will be supported by the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow, the Regional Public Organization of Disabled People "Moscow Federation of Wheelchair Dance Sports ", MOOI" Wheelchair Dance Federation "in Russia and ROOI" Wheelchair Sports Dance Club "Duet".

The opening ceremony will take place at 12:00. Venue: Zeleny prospekt, 10 B, 4th floor, Caribia Dance Center (Caribia Family Vacation Center).



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