What you need to know about surfing in Russia: 6 things

I do not advise you to study on your own. This makes the process very difficult, it is dangerous for people and others. In some places, people began to ride on their own because of hopelessness - as a result, complete chaos occurs on the water, no one follows the rules. Boards break, mood spoils. Learning will accelerate progress and save time.

There are schools in Russia in St. Petersburg, Crimea, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, and Kamchatka. Everything I recommend has been compiled on

of my site.

To ride a surf, you need to work on endurance, be able to swim and dive well. This is important both for constant rowing, and in order to understand the level of your comfort in and under water.

It is worth paying attention to stretching - for surfing you need a flexible body. It’s definitely not worth pumping muscles and pulling iron. A strong but clogged body will not help you.

For surfing in Russia, as elsewhere, you need a board and a wetsuit. In cold weather, you will still need water slippers, gloves, a helmet.

Surfing is wonderful because it requires a minimum of equipment - only you, the board and the waves.

If you study at a surf school, they will give out the board there. Then gradually understand which one suits you best. If there is no school and you weigh no more than 80 kilograms, you can take a board up to eight feet and study on it. For people who weigh more than 80 kilograms, a board of at least nine feet is suitable.

Own clothes and a wetsuit are useful even for hygiene reasons.



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