What vegetables and fruits should I buy in July

The first, greenhouse Cucumbers and redis appear on the market in May. Now they have added sweet young carrots , corn , fresh potatoes from the south Of Russia.

In the middle of June, kolrabi matures in the Moscow Region, and in the beginning of July the purple turna34_ , softer and sweeter than regular turnips. Sellers advise you to pay attention to the young small beets - some of its varieties can be eaten raw.

Now in the Moscow Region zucchini and patissons mature .

On the Danilovsky market you can buy not only ordinary zucchini, but also round, different grades, green, white, yellow. The latter are best taken for stuffing, they have more dense walls. This is very convenient: one zucchini - one serving. There are also small, bright, yellow-green zucchini varieties. You need to eat them raw - it is very tasty.

If you're lucky, you can find a real delicacy - flowers of zucchini. Many people know that they are deliciously cooked in batter, but almost no one has tried. So if you see it, take it. They are taken to the market in very small batches, it is best to come for them on Friday, and recipes can be seen at Jamie Oliver. Squash has a sweeter taste than zucchini, and they are considered more useful.

They also come in different varieties: green ones, for example, resemble zucchini.

Tomatoes by July ripen everywhere: in Kabardino-Balkaria, Azerbaijan, Krasnodar Territory, Volgograd and Rostov Regions. On the market you can find tomatoes of different varieties and grown in different conditions, so they are very different in taste: there are sour and sweet, some are very juicy and others are fleshy. Some are uniformly red, and some with green grains. And there are still yellow ones, the most unusual in taste.

Here the situation is the same as with plums - try and you will understand everything. But it is better to leave Uzbek tomatoes for the winter - now they have a very dense skin, and in winter it will be the best fresh tomatoes.



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