What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

Authors: Stefan Zagmeister and Jessica Walsh

"What is the difference between God and Le Corbusier? God does not think that he is Le Corbusier" - with these words begins a book by famous designers Stefan Zagmeister and Jessica Walsh. Artists set themselves a difficult task: to find out what beauty is and how it affects our lives. They turn to philosophy, history and science to understand why beauty attracts us and how it affects our feelings and behavior. And of course, Sagmeister and Walsh show us how beauty can actually make the world a better place.

This book will especially appeal to designers, illustrators, architects, photographers, artists and everyone whose work is related to visual art.

Available from August 31.

What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

Posted by: Mark Manson

Never before has humanity lived so carefree: we have defeated many diseases, all the main wars are behind us, we have gained access to knowledge and surrounded ourselves with technologies that make our life comfortable. But the better life becomes, the more we worry: the planet is heating up, economic inequality is going wild, politicians are stealing and lying.

In his new book, the author talks about the crisis of hope, about the futility of faith in a just world and that the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our personality, and not by what blessings or hardships the world is showering us with. If you have a roof over your head, you have breakfast with eggs and bacon and even fly on vacation a couple of times a year, and you still have a “bad job,” Mark Manson will help you develop a sober look at everything that surrounds you.

Book on sale since August 20.

What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

Posted by Amy Newmark

Chicken Broth for the Soul is an easy-to-read series of books that inspire us. The heroes of this collection overcome their fears, left the comfort zone, tried a new one - and this changed their life for the better.

Whether you want to find love or learn a new profession, suffer from shyness or phobia, think about going in for sports or dreaming of making the journey of your life, you will certainly find inspiration on these pages.

Book on sale since August 15.

What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

Authors: The book was published by the publishing house MYTH in conjunction with Encyclopedia-based British publishing house Dorling Kindersley (DK). The text was checked by scientists, experts in their fields: Polina Dyadina, graduate student of the Department of Astrophysics and Star Astronomy, Physics Department of Moscow State University, and Alexei Bondarev, paleozoologist and forensic expert, member of the Russian Geographical Society.

The authors abandoned the "traditional" division into different sciences (chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology) and talk about the world as a complex system where everything is interconnected and subject to the same laws.

This book is an anti-textbook, not like boring school books. It provides an understanding of the importance of scientific knowledge.

The book is divided into five large sections: "Matter", "Energy", "Life", "Space" and "Earth". Is artificial intelligence dangerous to humans? What are stem cells and why are they said it’s unethical to use them? How did the universe come about and how will it end? You will get clear and precise answers to these and other questions.

The book is on sale from September 1.

What to read in early autumn: 7 interesting books

Posted by: Tsukiyama Takashi

Japan is a country of order and harmony. There are most centenarians there, legends go about Japanese technology and minimalism, and eyewitnesses say that you can walk on Japanese roads in white socks - they will not get dirty.

We have a lot to learn from our eastern neighbors, especially their calmness. If you are constantly under stress, spend several meetings a day, break down on loved ones, if your life is at an impasse, you panic, sleep badly and lose your ability to think sensibly, the book of neurobiologist Tsukiyama Takashi will help you. The author talks about how to pull yourself together, gain clarity of thoughts and direct all the resources of the brain in the right direction.

The book is already on sale.



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