What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

Do you want to get more pleasure and benefit from playing sports? Create the right atmosphere, surround yourself with bright new sports accessories. Using a smartphone and headphones, you can listen to a couple of useful books or enhance professional skills in a week. The Challenger talks about the resources available for self-development and how to combine their listening with training.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

Underestimated, but a very convenient way to gain new knowledge and at the same time spend a minimum of time. In fact, podcasts are radio programs, only you can listen to them when it's convenient.

Issues are united by theme, format, and the composition of the presenters usually does not change.

You can listen to podcasts while jogging or in the gym through the special applications A5461le Podcasts (iOS), Pocket Casts (Android, Windows, iOS) or Google Podcasts (Android).

  • Ted Radio Hour. Interesting speeches from the TED conference, remade into a podcast format. Famous scientists, inventors, artists and designers talk about robots, the universe, the secrets of human happiness and the latest discoveries in the scientific world.

    You can listen to speeches in the original and not only broaden your horizons, but also improve your English.

  • We122sarafan show. The founder of the we126sarafan business community, Taisiya Kudashkina, invites well-known entrepreneurs and experts to a frank conversation, where they talk about their path to victory, failures and annoying mistakes, favorite books and sources of inspiration, talk about ways to achieve personal productivity.
  • "Radio Arzamas". In the Radio Arzamas application, the best Russian-speaking scholars talk about all the most interesting things - from Japanese art to the causes of revolutions, from Nabokov’s novels to Indian mythology.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

These headphones are suitable for those who play sports often. With the weightless

RHA MA650 Wireless

in your ears you will not notice how you run a couple of extra kilometers. Thanks to the flexible occipital arch, the model is securely fixed and at the same time does not create inconvenience or extraneous noise from friction against clothing.

A convenient three-button remote control on the cable of the right earphone is used to control music and calls. The RHA MA650 Wireless model lasts up to 12 hours without recharging and features high-quality sound transmission, minimalistic design.

Headphones are resistant to moisture (degree of protection - IPX4), in them you can safely train even in bad weather.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

Wireless, lightweight and stylish headphones

So120 ST-XX

are equipped with Bluetooth version 5. 0 and AAC and SBC codecs. Headphones, which are available in black, blue, pink, red and yellow, perfectly complement your sporty look.

The increased degree of protection against moisture IPX5 will come in handy in bad weather or during intense training, as it will protect the headset from sweat (do you go to training not only for a new selfie?).

A compact case with quick charge function extends the operating time of the headphones from 5 to 20 hours.

It’s much easier to swim, run, pedal under an interesting audiobook . So if you like to read, but feel a lack of inspiration before training, try to find it with the help of an interesting audiobook.

  • "It will be done! How to live to goals were achieved ", Nikita Maklakhov. Specialist in personal effectiveness and work with habits, author of training programs and host of the podcast "It will be done!" Nikita Maklakhov tells how to give up habits that prevent you from going forward, and to acquire new, useful ones - without torment and violence over yourself.

  • "The art of living is simple. How to get rid of excess and enrich your life" , Dominic Loro. According to the author, the key to harmony is simplicity, getting rid of everything unnecessary, which clutters the life of a modern person, whether it is a heap of things in the house or thoughts that do not allow us to become happy. The book contains practical recommendations and techniques that will help you know yourself, achieve psychological balance and comfort.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

Koss has been manufacturing headphones since 1958.

Its creators were the first to use headphones to listen to music, and the Koss Porta Pro model from the 80s remains the most popular model and is still sold.

Koss BT232i Wireless Headphones combine great sound quality with a sleek design. Convenient silicone arms reliably fix earphones and do them imperceptible during trainings. The model has all the functions of the headset, so you can quickly navigate the play list, play or pause music, adjust the volume, and also answer incoming calls with one touch. Operating time - approximately 6 hours.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas

Now you can not complain about the lack of audio output on your favorite smartphone - the DAC amplifier

Fiio BTR3

will make any wired headphones wireless.

A concise and pleasant-looking device is attached to clothes with a special clip, your headphones are connected to it, and thanks to Bluetooth audio support, you get high-quality sound from any source. Qualcomm’s built-in CR8675 Bluetooth chip ensures connection stability. In addition, the device has a noise reduction function - it will be easier for you to concentrate on cycling, burp or a new chapter in the book.

By the way, the amplifier can also be used in a car.

Thanks to the NFC function, you can not only listen to music in the cabin, but also answer calls.

Properly selected music during training improves mood and energizes . The main thing is to find a suitable playlist for sports.

ULTRA Wireless

Music will help you improve your performance in sports. The only problem is that not all headphones can be used while training in the gym or jogging.

Full-size ULTRA Wireless earphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 5. 0, you can enjoy excellent sound for up to 36 hours (this is how much battery power is available)!

The earphones have a built-in microphone and also a key for managing calls. The ULTRA Wireless model is convenient to take with you, the headphones fold up and fit even in a small backpack or bag.

What to listen to during your workout: 3 great ideas


is characterized by high speed and reliable connection thanks to Bluetooth 5. 0 and a sensitive ceramic antenna.

Switching music and answering a call are performed using the button on the accessory case. Headphones will provide continuous sound not only in the subway or bus, but also in open spaces, at a distance of up to 40 meters from the smartphone.

Headphones Cowon CX 5 are perfectly fixed thanks to special nozzles with hooks and will not cause you any inconvenience during jogging, yoga practice, dance training or trampolining.



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