What to listen to: 7 useful and interesting podcasts about sports, fitness and lifestyle

If you are tired of looking for the right podcasts in an endless stream of information, then this collection is for you. The Challenger chose the most interesting, modern and practical podcasts about fitness, sports and lifestyle in Russian and English.

Podcast: #sekta 15odcast

SEKTA Sports Community Podcast: Serious scientific background and maximum detail guaranteed. In this issue you will learn about myofascial release (spoiler: a technique that will help you stretch before training), what it is for and in what situations.

Podcast: “Run ?!”

Podcast “Run ?!” - project site NewRunners.

ru, the main Russian-language publication about running. The presenters and authors of the podcast, Marina Shinyaeva and Igor Listnik, explain everything you need to know about running in a simple and understandable language. This podcast is useful to listen to if you decide to run regularly, but do not know when it is better to train - in the morning or in the evening; where to do it - on a track, in a stadium or on the street, how to breathe properly and whether to buy running sneakers right away.

What to listen to: 7 useful and interesting podcasts about sports, fitness and lifestyle

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Podcast: "НОРМ"

"NORM" - a podcast about lifestyle and how , how can I change it for the better, to be honest with myself.

In this episode, the presenters Dasha Cherkudinova and Nastya Kurgan discuss how to cope with workaholism, stop drinking alcohol, and how to adapt the concept of a “healthy lifestyle”.

Podcast: Lifehacker

Lifehacker podcasts are laconic videos about everything that can be “hacked” and improved: relationships, motivation, health, and even relaxation. This time, the authors prepared a release on the 10 most common myths about sports and fitness, which even professional athletes believe in. “Such misconceptions do not bring us closer to a beautiful body and well-being,” the creators of the podcast decided and destroyed the unscientific theories.

Podcast: "What a healthy lifestyle"

Conversations of three girls from St.

Petersburg about informed consumption, healthy eating and sports. The presenters are joking a lot, and in the latest issue they touch on a serious topic about how DNA tests help (or interfere) with creating individual training plans.

What to listen to: 7 useful and interesting podcasts about sports, fitness and lifestyle

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Podcast : The Fat-Burning Man Show

Once the author of this podcast decided to change his life - and lost 10 kilograms in 40 days. After Abel, James began to share his experience and knowledge with the audience.

Abel warns that he is not the guru and the ultimate truth, but only helps everyone to learn new things about the body, health and sport. Yet his podcast is in the top of the Health column. am141; Fitness on iTunes in eight countries.

Podcast: The Cycling Podcast

The Bicycle Podcast is hosted by reporters Lionel Burney, Daniel Fribie and Richard Moore. Men discuss the latest news in the field of cycling and comment on the competition.

There are also trainer's tips and comments on how professional cyclists prepare for rides. The podcast supports Science in Sport magazine, so get ready for a lot of scientific terms!



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