What to give friends: the choice of The Challenger and Inspector Gadgets

Closer to the New Year, many of us have a crisis of ideas: what to give to friends? The Challenger, together with the store

Ins7ector Gadgets

, offers some cool ideas for those who are in the New Year’s gift deadlock. This is a selection of useful gadgets that will decorate the life and existence of people close to you.

An ideal gift for both beginners and those who are interested in sports seriously. Nobody has such watches yet: they literally just appeared in Russia. This is a lightweight sports watch with GPS: they allow you to evaluate your results in more than 130 sports.

Polar Vantage M is ideal for triathlon. The Polar Vantage M, which replaced the legendary Polar V800, has a new Smart Coaching feature, which informs athletes about under-training, over-exertion or the optimal level of physical activity. Another feature of this gadget, Precision Prime ™ technology, allows you to accurately track your heart rate. This watch can work in training mode for more than 30 hours, they have a clear color display.

This stylish smart bracelet does not just count steps.

Healbe GoBe2 monitors calories burned and burns, determines the level of stress and the balance of water in the body. Another useful feature: the bracelet resembles drinking water when the level of hydration is below normal. Among other functions:

  • sleep phase tracking;
  • smart alarm clock;
  • step counter;
  • heart rate monitor.

This is a gadget for those who want to live consciously.

Scales that not only determine weight, but also perform bioimpedance analysis, talk about the general condition of the body: from the percentage of body fat to the volume of muscle mass.

You can track your progress using the application on your smartphone with which these scales are synchronized. An extremely useful thing for those who monitor weight fluctuations and body quality.

These are Russian-made headphones, a competitor to AirPods - they cost much cheaper than the famous analogue, but sound better. They can be used both during sports and in ordinary life. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.

0 and are protected from water according to the IP67 standard, so they can not be removed in the shower or, for example, during a workout in the pool (the main thing is not to dive, the Bluetooth signal does not spread under water).

NanoPods S121ort

are able to work continuously up to 4.5 hours, and a convenient magnetic charging case with built-in battery provides them with several additional charging cycles.

Another novelty appeared in Russia: it is not just a gadget, but a reliable ally - the watch is equipped with a g163s receiver, can withstand immersion up to one hundred meters and meets the military standard 800G. The watch case is made of fiber-reinforced polymer, which makes them especially strong and durable.

An ideal gift for those who like to walk a lot on unknown places: the TrackBack function will show you the way back. Well, of course, Garmin Instinct can easily cope with all the functions of a fitness tracker: count calories, monitor the phases of sleep, and help achieve significant success in training.

A small espresso machine will make coffee wherever you are. Wacaco Nano190resso works with manual compression, which creates pressures up to 16 Bar. Coffee is prepared in 40 seconds, and all you need to make it is hot water and coffee.

The coffee machine works without electricity. A separate bonus is the cheerful colors of the model.

Great news for those who feel a big strain on the eyes: now you can massage them without touching them with your hands and without getting up. There are ten programs in this massager, and all of them relieve fatigue and restore the muscle activity of the eyes. The device will appeal to those who spend many hours at the monitor (that is, everyone), as well as those who drive for a long time.

Manufacturers also promise a noticeable cosmetic effect: regular use helps to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles and get rid of bruises under the eyes. The gadget consists of a mask and a remote control with an LCD display to select the desired work program.

This gadget is a godsend for families with children. It is known that sufficient humidity in the apartment is an ally in the fight against viruses and ailments. The Oregon Scientific RAR502S weather station with three sensors can monitor temperature and humidity in four zones at the same time.

And yes, she predicts the weather — better than your favorite TV presenters do.

This jewelry with the functions of a fitness tracker can be worn on the neck or on the wrist, and also used as a stylish brooch. The device has no displays, connectors or buttons - to track the indicators you will need to download the special Bellabeat application on your smartphone. The device is made of wood and stainless steel. Leaf Urban does a great job with the standard (and non-standard) features of the fitness tracker.

Now the girls don’t need and use a million applications to plan pregnancy and monitor the number of steps taken, calories spent, glasses of water drunk, menstrual cycle, ovulation period. It is enough to use one decoration - and all the data and statistics fall into one application. But that’s not all - vibration alerts remind you to get up, take vitamins or go in for sports.

Why do we recommend buying New Year's gifts from the Inspector Gadgets? Because its creators carefully select gadgets for stores: there are no smartphones, televisions and refrigerators. In this store they give cashback up to 25% for the whole assortment.

All products can be bought in installments for six months, each user is given 500 rubles after registration - they can be used on the first order.



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