What to do with unnecessary makeup: 7 life hacks

While some beauty-seekers enjoy hundreds of jars and bottles in their arsenal, others seek to get rid of extra money. Even if you are not too keen on cosmetics, you will probably find at home a certain amount of decorative cosmetics and personal care products that you do not use. Tired, overdue, just did not fit - and all this takes up a precious place in the bathroom and on the dressing table. We tell you how to carry out cluttering with benefit.

We have already told how to use cosmetics without harming the planet.

One option is to hand over the packaging to recycling. Unfortunately, the product itself will have to be poured or thrown into the bin . But an empty can of glass or plastic will be accepted. Separate garbage collection is only developing in Russia. If there are no special containers in your yard, look for pick-up points yourself.

The easiest way to do this is on the resource

Recycle Ma26

, which was created by Green38eace. And do not forget to wash the container well.

What to do with unnecessary makeup: 7 life hacks

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Some brands offer a discount on purchases if you bring empty packaging of any product to the store (the Kiehls brand has recently conducted such an action). So it makes sense not to throw the jar right away, but to find it a profitable use.

Expired shampoos and shower gels will help wash makeup brushes and other bristles.

If you don’t have a tonic or if you accidentally bought an extra brush for eyeshadows, feel free to sell it. For example, on Avito, Yule, or on your own Instagram. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember that you can sell a new tool or accessory or one that you used at most once.

It is better to reduce the price by 30-40% from the original - after all, the product is not new.

Check with a close friend, mother or sister if they need funds that are not suitable for you. Many take away with joy. The main thing is that the product should be of proper quality. You can also do with a perfume that you have not been using for more than a couple of months.

Suddenly, does it suit your family perfectly?

What to do with unnecessary makeup: 7 life hacks

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You will receive good undiscovered funds from foundations that help needy and low-income families. Some funds accept everything from toothpastes and ordinary soaps to decorative cosmetics. By the way, many organizations require volunteers .

For example, oil that is not suitable for the skin of the face can be used to moisten the legs or elbows.

The same goes for moisturizers. Shower gel can be used as a means for shaving . Show your imagination, and perhaps the tool will come in handy.

Small probes seem to be useless - until the first flight. If you are traveling with hand luggage, the miniatures of funds will just fit in volume.

Well, if with luggage - lighten your own suitcase. This is especially true for shampoos, shower gels and hand creams, which in a standard volume usually exceed 100 ml. Get a separate makeup bag for samplers so that they do not roll around the house.

A conscious approach to buying cosmetics will save you from having to throw it away too often or give it to someone. Buy only what you really need.

Before you buy a large package of the product, try it in a sampler - suddenly it will not work for you. So you save time and money.



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