What to do this weekend in May if you are in Moscow: 8 ideas

Ahead of a long weekend, and if you have no plans, we have made them for you. Just open the article, follow our "instructions" - and you are unlikely to stay at home.

2018 is the year of Japan in Russia, and what year of Japan is without the Japanese festival? Hinode Power Japan is, of course, dedicated to Japanese culture and represents a large exhibition site in one of the pavilions of VDNH. All weekend you can watch the actors of Japanese films, try the honey souffle from the Japanese manufacturer, play the console in games that have not yet been released. Well, if you are one of those who likes to come up with the images of Japanese heroes, then take part in the defile competition among cosplayers.

Awarding will take place on April 29, maybe you will be among the winners.


for the festival will cost 900 rubles.

On Monday, the hashtag


- international cultural flash mob. The bottom line is simple: all week, and in your case - all weekends, go to museums, upload photos to social networks, but keep in mind - selfies are not suitable for participation. Every day the theme of the flash mob changes: for example, today, April 28, nature has become a cultural theme - thousands of photos with the hashtag #natureMW have already been posted.

Running to the Botanical Garden, photographing flowers and nature!

All May holidays at more than 60 festival venues in Moscow will host the Second Open International Music Competition "Moscow Spring Acapella". Artists from all over the world will perform their compositions in time with the spring natural song. The program is different, every day there will be something new: you can find out everything on the



Within the framework of the festival, there will also be workshops on vocals for children, creative workshops where you can independently make accessories or even miniature musical instruments. And yes, feel free to come hungry - there are a lot of food shops on each site.

On May 1, Luzhniki will open summer season, for many this is a whole holiday. There you can play tennis, paintball, football, take part in other sports and leisure activities. Speaking of football. In “Luzhniki” there will be an amateur match where any person (if he knows how to play football, of course) will be able to article as part of the team.

And now, sports fans, hold on - you have no reason to stay at home: there, in Luzhniki, there will be a master class in platform jumping from the two-time Olympic bronze medalist Gleb Halperin.

Participation in the event is free. You can transfer your workouts in the gym and go chasing the ball on the football field or learn how to beat tennis serve.

If you are allergic to flowering, but not allergic to cat hair, the best way to hide from the fluff flying in your nose is to go to the Kotomania Club.A week ago, cat concerts began there, on May 4 the third concert of purring cats will be held. And if you are not afraid to stay there forever, hugging with cats, drinking tea and doing yoga (there you can do this too), then feel free to come and prepare reciprocal jokes about loneliness and cats.

The weather forecast for the May holidays pleases with its almost June plus - 25 degrees await us, which means it's time to walk in the parks and in the center of Moscow. May 1, you can go to the estate "Vorontsovo" in the garden to them. Bauman or the Hermitage Garden - The Challenger editors choice. The estate "Vorontsovo" will host the festival Play May. Dance master classes, performances, performances by dancers and musicians, outdoor games and a dance flash mob - all this is included in the festival program.

If you do not want to actively move, you can go to the garden to them. Bauman - for a while he will become a territory of art. There will be a spring festival "Peace. Labor. May", but don’t worry, they won’t make you work.

They will offer to draw. A huge easel will be installed on the main square, on which each guest will be able to leave his "mark". Creative workshops are organized throughout the park under the guidance of professional teachers in drawing, painting and graphics.

Well, those who just want to lie on the grass and enjoy the weather and nature are waiting in the Hermitage Garden. On the first of May, spring "Flower Day" will be held here - it will be very beautiful.

You also noticed that the tables and chairs of cafes and restaurants smoothly migrated to the street? Everything is right! Summer verandas officially started their work. Kuznetsk bridge, Lubyanka, Myasnitskaya, Tverskaya, Teatralnaya, Stoleshnikov pereulok, Pyatnitskaya, Arbat - the list of restaurant streets in Moscow can go on and on. Ahead of the May holidays, and then three months of summer - you will have time to go everywhere!



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