What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

Tbilisi is a city in which history, different styles in architecture and local hospitality are harmoniously combined. Tbilisi in the fall - all of the above, multiplied by two. We know what to do and what to see during an autumn trip to the capital of Georgia. Write it down.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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If you like to be closer to nature, you - in the Tbilisi Botanical Garden: 128 hectares, 3,500 species of plants, fountains, waterfalls - beauty . Due to the impressive size of the garden, it seems that there are not so many tourists. It is better to take a walk to the remote areas of the park, where there are even fewer tourists.

As for Gardenia Shevarnadze, this is a small private area, which fits a greenhouse, a rose garden and a cozy cafe.

Different vintage items that have become part of landscape design deserve special attention. Another nice addition is the ability to select and buy flowers planted there.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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To get saturated with the atmosphere of old Tbilisi, you need to walk a lot. Moreover, almost all historical sights are not far from each other.

Walk from Turtle Lake, located on the northern slope of Mount Mtatsminda, to the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Following the route, you will see Chavchavadze Avenue and the streets adjacent to it, go into the round garden, the house of Sofia Chiaureli, the main philharmonic of the city, the house of Melik-Azaryants. The second history-rich route is from the legendary flea market to the Metekhi Bridge. Along the way - a modern house of justice, a book market, the oldest basilica of Anchiskhati, Peace Bridge and a monument to Tamada. And going to the end of the Metekhi bridge, you will find yourself on the main square of the city - Meydan.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

The international SPORTSWAY conference will be held on September 28 and 29. Participants will discuss the impact of sports and active tourism on regional development, the economy and quality of life. Another topic for discussion will be global trends in the organization of sporting events, marketing of sporting events. The speakers of the SPORTSWAY 2018 conference will be 18 speakers, including President of the World Ethnic Sports Society Alexei Kiasov, Vice President of Shankai s81ort Larry Jen, Iron Star CEO Andrei Kavun, founder of Be Active In Georgia Zurab Bokolishvili.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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Narikala - the defensive fortress of Tbilisi. It is located on the highest cliff of the capital, so here for the best view. According to some reports, the fortress was built even before the foundation of the city itself - in the V century. Therefore, Narikala was preserved only in fragments. You can get there by cable car, but it’s much more pleasant to admire the views of the capital when you climbed a rock on foot.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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Sulfur baths are one of the most popular attractions in Tbilisi. They are scattered throughout the city and connected by a single system. The most famous are at the foot of the cliff where the Narikala fortress rises. The main feature of these baths is that water comes from underground, from sulfur sources.

In the II century AD, stone baths appeared in the gorge of the Tsavkisistskali river, now flowing on the territory of the Botanical Garden. Over the centuries, the baths have been modernized and, as a result, have come to a modern look: shallow basements with stone domes. For visitors are available common areas and separate rooms.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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The oldest city of Georgia, Mtskheta is located just a few kilometers from Tbilisi.

The main attraction here is the Jvari Monastery, which overlooks the confluence of the Aragva and Kura rivers. It was he who was immortalized in the work of Mtsyri by Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. But this is not the only reason to travel outside the city. There are about the same number of holy and cultural places in Mtskheta as in all of Georgia. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Samtavro Temple, Antioch Church - all of them have not only historical, but also religious value.

Folk production is flourishing in Mtskheta: if you try churchkhela, pastille and Georgian wine, then only there.

Inveterate shopaholics are aware that the clothes of Georgian designers are now in trend. And the unenlightened would also be better off learning about them. Tamuna Ingorokva, Loda Bokuchava, Ria Keburia, Datuna Sulikashvili, Nino Chubinishvili (Chubika), Gvants and Nina Macharashvili (Mach. Am158; mach) - these names are already known far beyond the borders of Georgia.

It is in their stores that you should look at while in Tbilisi.

Still Georgians are very proud of their applied art Minanari. It became famous for its color, richness of styles and genres. Decorations made using this technique are distinguished by subtlety of work and unusual color schemes. Such products are in demand among foreign tourists.

The best place to buy is the Dry Bridge Market.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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Eating with the Georgians is a whole ritual . Khachapuri, phali, lobio, satsivi, khinkali, ajapsandal, kharcho - everyone will have an appetite! In Georgia, all these dishes are part of the daily diet.

You can hold a real Georgian meal not only at the family table. You can try traditional dishes in places such as Machakhela, Khinkali House, Lagidze Vody. A proven option for a budget and tasty dinner - any street cafes in which locals spend evenings. If you are willing to spend a little (or much) more, you will like the Funicular restaurant overlooking the whole of Tbilisi, Cafe Gabriadze at the famous puppet theater of the same name, G. Vino tasting club, as well as Pur Pur cafe, Shavi Lomi and Lolita bar "

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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If you have managed to visit all the tourist places in Tbilisi and its environs, it's time to discover another Georgia.

Kazbegi is an alpine region on the border with Russia. At an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level, the Trinity Church is located in the village of Gergeti. The temple offers amazing views of the entire valley and Mount Kazbek. The most athletic can get to the temple on foot, and those wishing to get an adrenaline rush - in jeeps or four-wheel drive minibuses.

What to do in Tbilisi in autumn: 10 cool ideas

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