What to do in Sochi: 7 cool ideas

If you, just like us, stare at the photos of green mountains and blue lakes, then you will definitely like Abkhazia. This is a completely fabulous region, which in contrast with the noisy tourist Sochi is remembered by a leisurely rhythm. Abkhazia is a separate state. Russians do not need anything other than an ordinary Russian passport to enter. The border point Russia-Abkhazia is located in Adler.

Passing the border will not take more than an hour. Abkhazia stretched along the Black Sea coast, and numerous roads - asphalted and not very - lead directly to the mountains. It is best to buy a tour in which in one day you can visit all the main Abkhaz attractions. Of course, the main attraction is nature: Lake Ritsa, Gegsky Falls, Yupshar Canyon, alpine meadows with protected flowers and clouds right above your head. Ritsa Lake resembles the famous Canadian mountain lakes with overgrown slopes of steep mountains that descend directly into the water.

Lovers of antiquities in Abkhazia will like the monastery in New Athos and the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg.

To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of forests, waterfalls, meadows and lakes, we advise you to choose a jeep tour. On an SUV, you will climb into the most beautiful and inaccessible mountainous places, where you will not pass either on foot or by bus. Prepare memory on your phone and stock up on windbreakers - high in the mountains can be cool. Well, of course, be prepared to talk a lot about yourself and listen a lot.

Abkhazians are very friendly and affable people. Feel free to be open, then you will be remembered as a tough and courageous traveler.



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