What to do if your favorite fitness trainer has moved

It’s always useful to discover for yourself that - is new , therefore do not try to find a coach , similar to the previous . Of course, it’s hard to get rid of its influence and authority , and you’ll still compare everyone with it , but remember: you only need one who will help you achieve your goals efficiently and safely .

I advise you to approach the search for a new mentor , as responsibly as when choosing a new attending physician . Do not believe the beautiful promises about the dream figure and training program , that will change your life after the first training session . To draw up a training plan , the specialist needs more than one lesson , the trainer must take into account all your features , that cannot be understood in the first 45 minutes of training .

Gather all the information about him : education , certificates of completion of additional courses , work experience in a particular club and in general in the fitness industry . Watch how he leads his customers ( do not neglect their reviews ), how sociable and open for communication , friendly .

Before making a choice , you need to work with several trainers, compare how they behave in the gym, what their approach is, program , is it nice to be with them . Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions , this will help to quickly understand , whether the specialist you found .

You must be sure , that the new mentor knows , how to identify contraindications for training , to build the training process according to your goals , choose the optimal setting of the simulators, weight, correctly insure , control the technique of all exercises , stimulate during training , offer several programs and , if necessary, , related training in other directions .

Plus my personal point: if the coach during the personal training “digs” into the phone , trying to correspond with other clients , rather than focusing entirely on you , feel free to leave him.

When you finally found a new specialist, will be good , if the old trainer “passes the post” to the new one: will introduce him in the course of affairs and tells about , how your training went and what he should pay attention to .



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