What to do at the festival “Oh yes! Food!" in St. Petersburg

This year the festival is dedicated to the idea of ​​slow food. This movement supports farming, ecology, local food traditions, and teaches to enjoy food.

Within two days, you can take part in master classes in pottery, do yoga or crossfit, listen to a lecture on winemaking and much more. Even at the festival they will arrange a play space for children. Occupation is for everyone.

The festival will host a large area dedicated to beer and cider. Dreamteam Restaurants and First Federation Gourmet Beer Supplier will feature over 150 varieties. The malt and hop lecture hall promises meetings with real brewers, life hacks of beer sommeliers for parties and even a debate about who will win - beer or wine.

They also organize two quests: meat and cheese. In the first, you need to collect the recipe for the perfect burger, and in the second - take part in the "cheese" quiz.



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