What to buy muesli: editorial test

What do you usually eat for breakfast? The Challenger editor-in-chief, Polina Nepomnyashchaya, chooses muesli, so she decided to test seven of their species and now shares her feedback on each of them.

Price : 190 rubles for 375 grams.

Calories : 350 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 9.6 grams, fats 4.

2 grams, carbohydrates 63.6 grams.

Composition : wheat flakes, oat flakes, cranberries, dried strawberries, dried apricots, barley flakes, rye flakes, sprouted wheat flakes, pumpkin seeds, almond kernel, buckwheat flakes, pistachio kernel, wheat bran.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

These cereals contain many types of cereal (including including flakes from germinated wheat), it affects the taste: it turns out not a uniform oatmeal, but something more interesting. The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that there are no candied fruits in the composition - pieces of fruits or berries boiled in sugar syrup, and this is true.

Cranberries, strawberries and dried apricots after brewing muesli with hot water swell, they have a natural taste. By the way, it is very convenient that classic muesli (not baked) can also be filled with ordinary water: milk or yogurt are not always in the refrigerator.

In the composition of berry muesli there are nuts and seeds and there is no sugar - for those who follow their diet, do not like sweets or refuse sugar for other reasons, this will be good news. One hundred grams of VkusVill muesli contains a lot of carbohydrates - almost 64 grams, what you need for breakfast: slow carbohydrates will saturate the body for a long time.

Packages, depending on the portions, will be enough for four to seven breakfasts per person.

Price : 139 rubles per 250 grams.

Calories : 403 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 8 grams, fats 11 grams, carbohydrates 68 grams.

Composition : cereal products (oat flakes, wheat flour, wheat balloons, the latter includes wheat flour, sugar, rice flour, wheat bran, salt, rye malt), sugar, caramel syrup, vegetable oil, dried grapes, hazelnuts, dried apples, hazelnut flavorings, apple.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

"Just the Alphabet" - own brand of products of the chain store " Alphabet of taste".

This muesli line has a lot of flavors, but I settled on "apple and nuts." As a part, wheat flour immediately catches your eye - what is it doing here? Baked with oatmeal, sugar and caramel syrup? What for? Not very clear. Despite the presence of sugar and caramel molasses, granola is moderately sweet. There are few nuts in the package, but enough raisins and pieces of dried apple. True, these pieces are small, and their taste is a little lost against the rest of the ingredients.

It seems to me that for muesli there are quite a lot of fats - apparently, vegetable oil plays a role in the composition. With carbohydrates, everything is in order, but another question arises: because of sugar, molasses and flour, what kind of carbohydrates are obtained - fast or slow? This is important and affects how long after breakfast a person wants to eat again.

A pack of these granola will last three to five servings.

Price : 365 rubles for 350 grams.

Calories : 350 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 10.9 grams, fats 7.85 grams, carbohydrates 56.9 grams.

Ingredients : oat flakes (36%), wheat flakes (wheat, barley malt extract, 18%), figs (17%), sunflower seeds (9%), apricot (9 %), buckwheat (6%), granola with four types of sprouted seeds (buckwheat, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dates, dried apricots, raisins, 5%), chia seeds (Spanish sage, 1%), maki powder ( Meyen's Insect, 1%).

What to buy muesli: editorial test

Products where the composition is painted by percentage are rare. Thanks to this, you know exactly what and how much you eat. The composition includes cereals, seeds, dried fruits, and superfoods (there is no sugar and its derivatives). In general, a find for adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The taste is pleasant, not sweet, but you can’t say that it is rich and bright - you want to add some fruit or a little honey.

Muesli can be poured with water, or milk (for example, almond) or yogurt - it will turn out, of course, tastier.

On the package it says: Active S130ort Muesli - it sounds beautiful, but it's hard to find out if these muesli really will help increase the effectiveness of the training or not. Everything is written on the packaging in English - this brand is from Slovenia, but everything is indicated in Russian on the etiquette of the store (such granola can be bought, for example, in the Alphabet of Taste). These muesli are more expensive than the others in our selection, but in terms of price-quality ratio this cost is justified (do not forget that they are imported).

There is enough packaging for four to seven servings.

Price : 80 rubles 90 kopecks per 350 grams.

Calories : 410 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 8 grams, fats 18 grams, carbohydrates 60 grams.

Ingredients : oat flakes, wheat flakes, rapeseed oil, sugar, raisins, extruded rice (rice groats, salt), dried apple slices in rice flour, sunflower seed kernels, baking wheat flour , molasses, salt.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

The first thing you pay attention to when reading the composition is the amount of fat in one hundred grams: 18! This could be understood if the composition contained a lot of nuts and seeds, but they are not here.

Apparently, the whole point is in rapeseed oil - in the composition it is in third place, which means that it is quite a lot. Although it is worth recognizing that this does not particularly affect the appearance and taste. But for such a price, finding fault with the composition of these muesli is probably not the most grateful occupation. Important note: inconvenient packaging, they do not close after opening in any way, unlike other muesli packages in this collection.

A pack of muesli is enough for four to seven breakfasts for one person.

Price : 250 rubles for 270 grams.

Calories : 381 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 13.2 grams, fats 12.2 grams, carbohydrates 54.

7 grams.

Ingredients : oat flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, cashew kernels, flax seeds.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

BioFoodLab is a company that is known to many for its Bite bars and specializes in natural products. There are enough nuts and seeds in these granola. That's exactly what I want to see when cashews and pumpkin seeds appear in the title.

In addition to them, there are still sunflower seeds, raisins and flax seeds. It turns out a good, rich, balanced according to BJU breakfast. The taste is the same - balanced. Whoever wants sweets can add honey and fruits. The composition of these muesli is the shortest: no oils, no flour, no sugar.

Suitable not only for vegans, but also raw foodists: none of the ingredients succumbed to heat treatment. The price is not very attractive, but here everyone chooses for himself.

Packing is enough for three to five servings.

Price : 166 rubles per 300 grams.

Calories : 408.

4 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 9.64 grams, fats 13.2 grams, carbohydrates 63 grams.

Composition : barley flakes, wheat flakes, oat flakes, natural honey, coconut pulp (shavings), almond kernel, cocoa powder, refined deodorized olive oil, cane brown sugar, buckwheat balloons (buckwheat, sugar, edible salt, premium wheat flour), chocolate (grated cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier - soya lecithin, natural flavoring - vanilla), sea salt, orange zest.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

These muesli from TasteVilla have a rich chocolate flavor, it’s not sugaryly sweet. Probably all balance the zest of orange and sea salt. The taste is felt not only chocolate, but also nuts and coconut. Chocolate muesli goes well with yogurt without additives. Unlike other muesli, these remain crispy longer.

When it comes to chocolate, counting calories and carbohydrates is the last thing, it’s better to just have fun. But for those who care about the “clean” composition, these muesli are unlikely to be among the favorites. Nevertheless, granola saturate for a long time.

The only problem: stopping at a small portion is extremely difficult (these muesli are very tasty), so be prepared for the fact that one package will fly away in a couple of days. Ideally, it should be enough for three to five servings.

Price : 93 rubles 90 kopecks per 250 grams.

Calories : 403 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins of 8 grams, fats of 11 grams, carbohydrates of 68 grams.

Composition : oatmeal, rice, cane sugar, vegetable oil, raisins, apple, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, wheat flakes, glucose syrup, wheat flour, corn starch, emulsifier - soya lecithin, caramel, flavoring.

What to buy muesli: editorial test

These muesli should be renamed to “baked muesli with raisins” and not with an apple - there is a lot of raisins, and pieces of dried apple are barely felt.

Muesli is sweet (it contains sugar, glucose syrup, and caramel), so it is better to dilute them with milk or yogurt without additives, rather than juice. The composition contains hazelnuts, walnuts and pecans, but, alas, I did not notice them. Perhaps they are too crushed. There is a nutty taste in general, but it is not clear what creates it. The packaging says “Finnish quality control”, but it is unclear how this control passes (given that the country of production is Russia) - nothing is said about this.

The price is reasonable, the packaging is enough for three to five servings.



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