What the doctor thinks about medical series

- Beautiful scenery, it’s nice to look at the picture with antique furniture, clothes, rooms. Historical drama, the development of medicine and so on. But at the first viewing, all this is more like a plan than a quality implementation. In fact, it looks grotesque and tightened. The episode in which Dr.

Thackery performs an operation on himself is disgusting. Perhaps such moments also took place in the development of medicine. For example, the surgeon M. L. Rogozov himself removed the appendix, S.

S. Yudin for the first time transfused blood from a corpse to a living person.

But technically the events described in the series are impossible. For example, in bowel operations, spinal anesthesia is not used in a monovariant, but always in combination with endotracheal anesthesia. Otherwise, such an operation would be unbearably painful.

I do not know if cocaine has a general effect when it is introduced into the spinal canal or epidural space, but such an effect could be thought of. With intestinal ischemia, and in particular several of its parts, intolerable abdominal pain occurs, peritonitis, intoxication and death quickly develop. Dr. Thackery with such a problem calmly walks, as if he was practically healthy. The operation itself, which he does, is in principle impracticable.

You can’t tear your stomach apart through all layers. Laparotomy is carried out in layers, so as not to damage internal organs and not cause severe bleeding. Cutting off the affected intestine is also not done without first applying clamps and ligation of blood vessels. In addition, in order to get to the deepest structures of the abdominal cavity, large retractors are needed, the help of at least one, and preferably two assistants. With the development of bleeding from a large vessel, and especially from the aorta, as shown in the film, it is impossible to do anything on your own and in such conditions.



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