What syrniki to buy: editorial test

We are launching a new section in which we will test and compare popular foods. In the first issue, editor Anya Tyuchkkalova compares ready-made cheesecakes from five different places.

Price : 148 rubles for 140 grams.

Calories : 354.1 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 13.3 grams, fats 24.5 grams, carbohydrates 20.1 grams.

Composition : cottage cheese, wheat flour, sugar, chicken egg, refined sunflower oil, vanilla sugar.

What syrniki to buy: editorial test

Photo: av. ru

In the "Alphabet" ready-made cheesecakes are sold in three packages: 140, 280 and 420 grams each. There are two cheesecakes in a small package, six in a large one. In the store on the shelf were some cheese cakes with unusual additives, such as carrots or beets. But I restrained myself and, for the sake of the purity of the experiment, I took only classical syrniki.

On the packaging are slogans that supposedly should provoke an appetite: "Rosy cheesecakes from selected cottage cheese with a light vanilla flavor." I was horrified to imagine the sugary vanilla taste in my mouth. But in fact, there was almost no vanilla flavor. The syrniki themselves are thin and lightly fried. The consistency is soft: apparently, they are prepared from soft cottage cheese.

Sugar in them was in moderation. The main minus: these are the most high-calorie cheesecakes in the entire selection. But at the end of the experiment, once again I wanted to eat them. Cheesecakes are stored for five days.

Price : 144.

30 rubles per 300 grams.

Calories : 168.2 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 13 grams, fats 4.2 grams, carbohydrates 19.

6 grams.

Composition : cottage cheese 5% (normalized milk, sourdough), sugar, premium wheat flour, semolina, chicken eggs, salt, vanilla sugar (sugar , shredded vanilla pods, vanilla extract).

What syrniki to buy: editorial test

Photo: vkusvill. ru

Dairy products from Izbenka can be found in Vkusville stores. The manufacturer has several types of cheesecakes: sugar free, with raisins, with oatmeal, from ricotta.

Classic with sugar are also available. In one package four cheesecakes . "Hut" is one of the most meticulous manufacturers in the selection: on the package the composition is described in detail and even the fat content of the cottage cheese is indicated. The cheesecakes look unusually pale (much paler than in the photo). At first I decided that they were steamed, but the Vkusvilla website said that in fact the cheesecakes are baked, and therefore there is no oil in them and as a whole there are so few fats.

The consistency of syrniki is dense. Taste: the balance between sweet and salty is observed, the ingredients are not overdone. Cheesecakes are stored for four days.

Price : 155 rubles for 240 grams.

Calories : 165 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 11.2 grams, fats 7.7 grams, carbohydrates 12.8 grams.

Composition : cottage cheese (whole milk, skim milk, using sourdough), premium wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, chicken egg, vanillin.

What syrniki to buy: editorial test

Photo: Anya Tyuchkalova

Packaging is concise: only information about the composition, calories and manufacturer (the "Crossroads" itself). There is a feeling that the manufacturer greatly underestimated the calorie content. The composition of syrniki from "Crossroads" is almost the same as in the "Alphabet", but the calorie content differs more than twice. In addition, the cheesecakes from Crossroads look fatter: they obviously did not spare the oil when frying. There were four cheesecakes in a package weighing 240 grams, and they all looked different: one was very fried, the second was pale, and two were something average (the perfectionist was depressed inside me).

By the smell - in the cheesecakes, solid vanillin, but in taste, oddly enough, this is not much felt. With cheese pancakes turned out to be moderately sweet, soft and tasted generally pleasant. They are stored for five days.

Price : 109 rubles for 110 grams.

Calories : 241.

91 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 3.29 grams, fats 19.22 grams, carbohydrates 13.93 grams.

Ingredients : cottage cheese, egg, custard, flour, sugar, orange zest, vanillin, sunflower oil.

Cheesecakes from Prime look exactly like in the picture: thin, ruddy, even. Making food beautiful is an incomprehensible form of art for me, so I had my hopes in taste. In a cafe, sour cream is added to cheesecakes for free. Alas, sour cream for me was the only advantage of these cheesecakes.

Only vanillin and zest were felt in taste - a combination for an amateur. Both of these can complement the dish, but here for some reason they emphasized these ingredients and obviously went too far. In addition, for for the curd product in these syrniki there is too little protein, and fats and carbohydrates, on the contrary, prevail. The shelf life of Prime syrniki is the smallest of all tested - three days.

What syrniki to buy: editorial test

Photo: prime-star.


Price : 60 rubles per 100 grams.

Calories : 259.6 kcal per 100 grams.

BJU : proteins 12.1 grams, fats 14.

8 grams, carbohydrates 19.6 grams.

Composition : curd product with a mass fraction of fat 18% (skim milk, skim milk powder, butter, milk fat substitute using sourdough and pepsin), granulated sugar, flour premium wheat, pasteurized egg melange, sunflower oil, edible salt, flavor identical to the natural “vanillin”.

What syrniki to buy: editorial test

Photo: Anya Tyuchkalova

The cheapest cheesecakes in the selection, which sell almost at cost.Cheesecakes are stored 36 hours after thawing.

At the same time, the date of manufacture of cheese cakes is not indicated on the package. Three markings with dates were stuck on top. I admit that at the point such markings were already torn down several times and glued again, so first I examine the syrniki for mold and meticulously sniff. I don’t find anything. To taste, cheesecakes were in the lead in sweets.

By the amount of oil, too: if the cheesecakes from the "Crossroads" simply fried in large quantities of oil, then here, apparently, they drowned. These syrniki are a real sugar-fat bomb, but at this price, apparently, there is no need to complain.



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