What kinds of sports do IT professionals

"Challenger" launches a production-sports series. This week, he spoke with IT managers and programmers to find out how these touching guys with glasses keep or don't keep fit.

Stas Shirokov

23 years old, private programmer I’m hired, a funny and open guy:

"At thirteen, I was engaged in weightlifting, pressed 75 pounds from my chest, and now I was completely emaciated. Anyway, when I was younger than I didn’t do it - and hand-to-hand combat, and volleyball, and basketball. But the most favorite is sports ballroom dancing.

Now that we have time, we play ping-pong with friends for two or three hours. Table tennis is soothing. A month ago, I saw that my stomach is growing. Then I was seriously scared and p I sewed to take care of myself, but at home, of course. Now I am engaged in an online sports nutrition store, I learned a lot about this topic - both about home training and motivation.

I try to do push-ups, squats, and horizontal twists on the press every day, I lift the dumbbells. I have one good friend, he works as a coach. So he sometimes tells me something interesting. Now I’m thinking about buying a subscription to the gym or to the rocking chair. After all, when you play sports, the hormone of happiness is produced, which affects your overall health, your mood, well-being and performance.

I eat, it seems to me, right. I eat bananas, potatoes, fruits. You need to pay your body at least a little attention, and then it will reciprocate. "

What kinds of sports do IT professionals

Alexander Remm

30 years old, the head of the international company Books52ert Co, knows what he wants from life:

"I love sports, have been practicing karate for a long time, even there is a brown belt. But karate had to be abandoned, the reason was banal: there was not enough time for it.

For the last three years I have been trying to run in the mornings: I get up at 7 in the morning and go for a run. I don’t care what the weather is outside, I even run at -30. I do not like halls, it is stuffy there and there are too many people. And every day I push up, at least 250 times. For myself, I understood one thing: if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can not be lazy and miss the intended training.

The main thing is to break laziness, and then everything will turn out. If I had more time, I probably would have done wushu. They say that it helps to train not only the body, but also the spirit. "

What kinds of sports do IT professionals

Pavel Yeryzhensky

17 years old, first-year student of the Faculty of Business Informatics of the Higher School of Economics:

"At the moment, I don’t have any time or money to play sports or banal physical education in the gym no, but I am desperately trying to find both. So while I do all sorts of different exercises with their own weight.

Well, I’m trying to eat not everything that comes to hand. As a child, I did kickboxing for four years, three for jujitsu and three for army melee. I also love to watch sports, mostly fighting. Well, M1, boxing, K1 - that's all. Although in the right company, any sport looks great, even football.

I have no secrets of a healthy lifestyle. That's what I think: do a lot of sports, eat a lot, sleep a lot - and you will be happy. Only it is not necessary to exclude any of these three points, otherwise it will be useless, as with a goat’s milk. "

What kinds of sports do IT professionals

Mikhail Yampolsky

24 years old, the company "Aplana Software", programming as God:

" Of course, I go in for sports, go to the gym. I do 135ush109ull / legs s139lit, this is a basic exercise for a specific muscle group, then I repeat some isolating exercises.

For the most part I use the barbell and dumbbells. I try to go to the gym two to three times a week. In this mode, I have been practicing for about two years. Sometimes I run, in the summer I ride a lot on a bicycle, that is, I always try to find time for sports, although it can be difficult. If I had more free time, I probably would have started to do triathlon again - at one time I was fond of him on a professional level.

I would also like to play tennis. In principle, I am satisfied with my body, but not 100%. Yes, it is probably impossible to be completely satisfied with oneself; one always wants to improve something. It takes me a lot of time to work, it’s quite difficult for me to maintain a balance of life / work. But I try my best.

Personally, my secret to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy and regular diet, sleep, physical activity and lack of stress. "

What kinds of sports do IT professionals

Sergey Dmitriev

fourth-year student of the Faculty of Business Informatics of the Higher School of Economics:

"I don’t go in for sports, much to my shame. But I support the form with easy home fitness. At the same time I try to remember about healthy eating, I do not smoke or drink. But for myself, I decided that for sports, if you seriously engage in it, you need to devote too much time and effort.

I can’t afford it. It seems to me that in order to be in relative form, you just need to take care of yourself, understand what you and your body want. So yes, the most important thing is just to listen to your body. If you love yourself, you want, you don’t want, but you will take care of yourself. "



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