What is the placebo effect

The placebo effect is contrasted with the nocebo effect. Nocebo can be translated as "I do not like" or "I will hurt." To paraphrase a famous saying, everything that a Russian placebo, a German - nozebo! Neither pharmacological preparations, nor healing techniques will have a positive effect on a person who is convinced that nothing will help him. Over the years of medical practice, I have met quite a few patients who sincerely considered sport and physical education to be worthless and even harmful. And we are talking about completely different people, with different worldviews and different levels of education.

Among them there were even doctors who claimed that all their illnesses and injuries were “from sports”, despite the fact that they “tied up” him even in elementary school. Others, on the contrary, claimed that it was thanks to jogging, yoga, dancing, Pilates, crossfit and triathlon that they got rid of all troubles. The funny thing is that sometimes supporters of an active lifestyle are ready to almost fight for their own sports, accusing representatives of other sports communities of incompetence. That is why I am categorically against imitation of others and self-violence, especially if you decide to get in shape just because someone does not like the way you look. Sometimes it’s more useful to change the environment, not yourself.

Give preference to the type of physical activity and the style of food that you like, not your friends. Do not be afraid to take the initiative into your own hands - common sense will help you make the right choice (lying on the rug and sipping, although they are related to Calist exercises, but they will obviously not be enough if your goal is to win the triathlon). And if you are not sure of the power of common sense, then do not be afraid to turn to a professional. In addition to the necessary education, qualifications and career achievements, remember also the positive role of placebo - you should like a specialist, and everything will be fine.

What is the placebo effect

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