What is slow food, or why you should eat slowly (with feeling and sense)

Slow food is a worldwide organization created in 1986 by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists as an alternative to fast food. The main idea of ​​slow food: food should be simple, clean and fair - for those who produce it, and for those who consume. The concept of slow food implies respect for nature and animals, honest pay for workers and protection of the biodiversity of our planet. In addition, slow food is committed to maintaining food traditions that are different in every corner of the world. In 2017, at the Slow food International Congress, the organizers decided that they should, among other things, reduce the use of plastic and talk about the ideas of slow food to people around the world.

Today, Slow food is represented by thousands of organizations in 160 countries. One of the representatives of Slow food in Russia is the festival "Oh, yes! Food!".

In the first ten years of the 21st century, food in Russia was completely subordinate to fast food. Fast food just appeared in the country and tasted very different from the usual food. For the better, of course.

Millions of people fell into this. At first, fast food seemed like the perfect solution: it was possible to eat tasty, fast and very inexpensive. Fast food restaurants appeared at every step - on the way home and to work. Large-scale advertising campaigns and multi-billion dollar contracts added to their popularity. By the way, the same McDonald's is now one of the main sponsors of the most massive sporting events on the planet.

What is slow food, or why you should eat slowly (with feeling and sense)

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The situation began to change when studies began on the dangers of fast food. Obesity and heart disease have been constant companions of Westerners. Scientists have suggested that one of the reasons is fast food. Since that time, we began to think more and more often about what we eat, in what quantities and where.

Healthy food restaurants, farmers' markets began to open, and soda and french fries began to fade into the background. Adherents of the slow food trend, which is becoming especially popular these days, eat natural seasonal products, cook with love, gather relatives at the same table and enjoy every piece eaten. This summer, all lovers of delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly food will gather at the fifth annual festival "Oh, yes! Food!".



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