What is kinesiotape

To begin with, we will tell you what inesiotapeing is. This is an effective method that complements the arsenal of conservative treatment and rehabilitation methods. Its founder is considered a reflexologist and chiropractor Kenzo Kase from Japan. It was Kase who talked about kinesiotape in 1973.

After 15 years, kinesiotepes were officially presented at the Seoul Olympics.

Original teips appeared in our country 10 years ago thanks to the company Eagles8orts. By the way, at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, bright stripes could be seen on many athletes, including our national team. Well, at the Olympics in Sochi, Dr. Kenzo Kase himself helped athletes “learn” teips, conducted dozens of training seminars and master classes. In 2014, the NBA allowed the use of the original Kinesio Ta10es to its players in official matches.

Teips are made from high-quality cotton, which is elastic and similar in its properties to human skin. Acrylic adhesive on a cotton backing on the teip reduces the risk of skin irritation. Well, the adhesive properties are activated by body heat. Kinesiotape has air and water permeability, but at the same time is waterproof. Thanks to all these characteristics, tapes can be worn from three to six days without removing, and they will not lose their properties.

How exactly teips affect the body:

  1. Improve blood circulation and lymph movement (help fight against edema and hematomas).
  2. Stop (relieve) pain.
  3. Improve muscle function (relax or tone them).
  4. Support the joints.
  5. Segmentally affect the internal organs.



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