What is harmful palm oil

It is believed that because of the high melting point, palm oil does not break down in our body. However, this is not quite true. Just like any other fat, it breaks down into its constituent parts in the intestine with the help of a special enzyme - lipase. At the same time, having a higher melting point, this oil will be digested a little longer.

The main risk of consuming palm oil is the following: this oil, like several other products, contains saturated fatty acids (EFAs).

Regular excess of the daily intake of fats, including EFA, can cause a violation of the integrity of the vascular walls (it is important to note that this is only one of the reasons). According to the recommendations of the American Association of Cardiology, only 7% of the daily calories can be found in foods with saturated fats (dairy products, meat).

The main problem with using palm oil is to mislead the end consumer. It is economically feasible to add such oil to cheeses, milk, ice cream, and confectionery, but the manufacturer may not indicate it as part of the product. According to technical regulations, dairy products, which, for example, contain vegetable fats, should be called differently: cheese product, curd product, dairy product.

But not all manufacturers adhere to these recommendations.



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