What is food intolerance in fact

- It is necessary to separate the allergy and the so-called food intolerance. Allergy is a reaction of the immune system to an irritant that has entered the body. Allergy involves treatment and, most likely, the complete exclusion of this irritant from the diet.

Food intolerance - a state of the body when certain enzymes are lacking. Because of this, hypersensitivity to a product may appear.

But this does not mean that a particular product does not suit you. This behavior of the body suggests that you need to make up for the missing enzyme and deal with the work of the gastrointestinal mucosa. For example, you ate a large amount of cabbage, felt unwell, swollen stomach, signs of flatulence appeared. So, in the body, perhaps, acidity is reduced, cabbage worked as a litmus test, showing you this. The same applies to lactose intolerance.

Over time, the production of an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar decreases, therefore, after consuming dairy products, discomfort occurs (even if this had not happened before). In fact, a person is intolerant not of the product itself, but of its components.

Another example: my patients often have problems with the body due to excessive or improper consumption of foods with a lot of fiber, black coffee and solanaceous. And all because they have irritable bowel syndrome. This does not mean that they have intolerance to the same coffee, probably it should either be drunk with vegetable milk, or diluted with water and not consumed on an empty stomach.

To limit yourself in the use of this or that product until you understand what your body lacks (this must be done under the supervision of a specialist), you need a maximum of three months. You can understand this by a blood test, its generation occurs gradually and continuously, part of the cells are updated every three months.

If you overeat fresh vegetables, the body may also not be able to cope with a lot of fiber, there will be discomfort - increased gas formation, diarrhea, pain or bloating. The same is manifested in some of my patients with a rigid protein diet. Indeed, in the diet should be not only proteins, but also fats with carbohydrates.

For each product, the body produces its own enzymes, which means that if you exceed the amount (each one has an individual one) and violate the combination of products, you may encounter similar problems. A call to a specialist, a small personal correction of the diet, the temporary exclusion of the irritating product from the diet - and everything should return to normal.



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