What is fanaticism and how to communicate with a fan

Separate interests, if possible. If you like the same thing, it will be simple. If not, at least try. Learn the basics - remember the heroes of the series or football rules. But respect your boundaries: if you don’t like it, say so.

When a person makes you go to football with him, it can be an indicator of a dependent relationship. It’s better to tell your friends or psychologist about this.

Find an alternative hobby. If a loved one spends time several times a week on his hobby, you should also find something to do. So you will have a trump card: "I also have a business that needs to be respected.


Try to understand the partner. Perhaps there are psychological reasons for his dependence. Fear of loneliness, unwillingness to be an adult, lack of thrills. Having understood the reasons, you are unlikely to be able to change the behavior of the partner, but it will be easier for you to accept it.

Don't be jealous of a hobby.

Most likely, the partner respects and loves you, but somehow the computer game update just appears, forgets about you. It seems like a betrayal, but the conflict is resolvable. Try to agree: let him spend less time on his hobby, he does it only when you are not around. But do not expect that the partner will abandon the hobby completely.



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