What is beach tennis and why is it gaining popularity in Russia

Beach tennis appeared in the 70s of the last century, then on the beaches of Italy people began to compete with special rackets without strings. Sports quickly gained popularity - beach tennis now has serious claims to be included in the program of the Olympic Games as a special kind of classic tennis. However, the atmosphere of this sport is far from Wimbledon and is more reminiscent of a crowd of surfers: pleasant background music, tanned athletes in swimsuits and athletes in shorts.

Beach tennis is a team game in which there are elements of classic tennis, beach volleyball and even badminton. The field for this sport is similar to a beach volleyball court, while the net height is 170 cm.

Ivan Syrov

member the Russian national beach tennis team, started playing at the age of 30, after finishing my sports and coaching career in classic tennis

Beach tennis was at first a way for me to spend my free time actively, but then I got involved, I wanted to take it seriously this sport, he began to plan a schedule of training and competition. Beach tennis allows you to play at any age. Now the 22nd racket of the world is Italian Paolo Tronchi. He is 54 years old!

What is beach tennis and why is it gaining popularity in Russia

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To start playing beach tennis, for a person without sports training, it is enough to take a couple of lessons from the trainer - to learn the basics of technology and the main tactical elements.

After that, you can play on the account and have fun.

From your inventory you will need special fiberglass or carbon fiber rackets and tennis balls with reduced pressure.

Beach tennis can be practiced on any site where there is sand and where you can stretch the net (in Moscow such sites are equipped not only in sports complexes, but also in some parks). Camps (trips that combine training and tourism) and beach tennis tournaments are regularly held in different countries of the world. Many even point out that beach tennis has opened the world to them.

Nikita Burmakin

leader of the Russian national team and the first racket of the world in beach tennis

Geography of beach tennis tournaments impressive and with a margin of victory over tennis. I have already managed to play in many parts of the globe that I did not even know about before. Here is my plan for this year: January - Thailand and Brazil, March - Reunion, April - Canary Islands and again Brazil, summer - Russia and Europe, in the fall I will fly to Ecuador and the Caribbean.



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