What a fun and fun weekend this snowy winter

It seems that sledding is just as difficult as skiing: you need to look for slides, invent something, organize it, but in reality everything is much simpler, but joy, namely children's, pure, uncomplicated joy, is occupation brings a lot. About the same as there are types of sledges and different slides in Moscow, paid and free.

If somewhere on the mezzanine or balcony there were sledges or ice, you can safely go to the nearest park. For classic sledges with runners, a small slide is enough. Riding them from a large hill can be dangerous - they develop great speed, on any inconspicuous bump or bumps they can jump out of the track and cover you.

Remember the skids of these sledges, assess the risks and consequences. Everything is much simpler with the ice-cream: although it is easily accelerated, it is easier to slow it down. She rides equally well both on ice and on snow, if there is a slope. Natural slides are suitable for sledges and ice-boats - both in the Pokrovsko-Streshnevo ravines and on the hillocks in Kuzminki.

If there were no ice sledges in the closet, but you still want to ride for free and without restrictions, you can think about buying the simplest devices.

Sleds with runners are worth buying if you want to combine skating and walking with children, and in order to go down the slides, it is better to purchase either classic ice cubes (the most inexpensive and compact options) or large ice cubes (take up a lot of storage space, but also the pleasure of skiing get a lot more), or inflatable sleds.

With inflatable options it is better to be careful. Inflatable cheesecake sleds are convenient, they can be fun, fast and far away, but it is impossible to control them. The probability of crashing, rolling over and breaking yourself something about ice or a passing person is very high. Experts generally advise riding cheesecakes only in a helmet.

This is not insanity, but a harsh reality - in the city, under any puffy snow, there may be not a soft snowdrift, but an ice hummock or a cement pillar. Read more about the danger of cheesecake riding here.

But if you’ve already decided to buy sledges, it’s most convenient to ride them in the vicinity of the Aeroport metro station - there is a great new park “Khodynskoe Pole” with four hills of different heights and steepness of descent. No less fascinating slide is in Rostokino. The natural slide with a view of the "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" (when you roll down) and the Rostokinsky aqueduct (when you climb the hill with sleds) are wide and comfortable, you do not have to wait in line to slide down.

If you don’t want to buy anything, but just want to ride, the easiest way is to go to the ice slides for tubing in the parks. There are dozens of them, of different heights, and the cost of rental is almost the same everywhere. At VDNH there are most opportunities. Firstly, there is a wide four-lane slide with multi-colored lights and a rental tubing, it is located right at the entrance. Secondly, near the pavilion of the Cosmonautics opened a spiral long slide for tubing.

It doesn’t matter what could be the reason for going into this part of VDNH - a museum or a slide. But combining visits to these two places is a great way to spend a day off.



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