Weleda brand talks about an environmentally friendly economy

All-Russian project

Ecoclass. rf

invites volunteers to conduct an interactive lesson "The history of things and the economy of the future." Its purpose is to tell schoolchildren what a cyclical economy and an environmentally friendly economic model are.

The project is being implemented on the initiative of the company Weleda with the support of the environmental movement ECA . In the lesson, younger students learn about the history of the creation of things and the cycle of substances in nature.

Middle and high school students will get acquainted with the life cycle of goods and models of a cyclical economy.

Olga Boehme

CEO of Weleda Russia

- The environmental situation in the world is becoming increasingly tense. Therefore, the environmental education of the younger generation is of great importance. Many people believe that environmental problems concern only residents of megacities. In fact, it is important to think about environmental safety anywhere in the world.

The educational platform gives us the opportunity to educate schoolchildren throughout Russia.

Weleda brand talks about an environmentally friendly economy

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The lesson can be taught not only by teachers, but also by parents or volunteers. The methodological manual, video guide for preparing the lesson, presentation and materials for game assignments are available on the website

of the future economy. rf




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