Weight training

In order to achieve the desired results in training, you will need to adhere to sleep, nutrition and training. To fulfill these points, you must have excellent self-control.

Of course, any man, first of all, wants to gain more muscle mass. Is not it? A set of muscle mass is bodybuilding, that is, body building. In our article on bodybuilding, you will gain a lot of useful information.

So, the main thing in mass training is muscle mass, not fat. The relief, of course, does not matter either. To get a beautiful and sculpted body in the future, you must first prepare muscle mass! Learn how to do this in our article!

Weight training

Workouts for gaining muscle mass

The optimal schedule of training days for the program for muscle mass is 3.

The standard schedule is:

  1. Monday - chest, biceps
  2. Wednesday - legs, shoulders
  3. Friday - back, triceps

Many add extra cardio on their days off to improve the cardiovascular system. Because when practicing with iron, for example: bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting.

If you want to build up excellent muscle mass, then in training you will have to give all your best, which will require a lot of strength and energy. Muscles should feel a lot of stress and stress.

Each workout has two muscle groups, and rest should be 48-72 hours. (2-3 days). Therefore, the logical breakdown of training by day: Monday - chest biceps; Wednesday - legs, shoulders; Friday - back, triceps.

Each workout should begin with a warm-up and preferably cardio. Cardio - cardiological exercises, i.e. running (simple or on a treadmill), jumping rope, cycling. The lead time is 10 minutes.

Then the main part and a hitch will follow.

As well as the warm-up, the hitch that is performed at the end of the workout is very important. The purpose of the hitch is to disperse the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles and stretch them at the end of the workout. Never neglect her.

Weight training

Training program for gaining mass

You must set all weights yourself, because each person’s abilities are different.

Therefore, select the optimal weight, so that it is not easy and feasible.

Male version


  1. Bench press - 3x10
  2. Bench press at an angle of 30 - 3x10
  3. Dumbbell layout 3x12
  4. Bench press with narrow grip 3x12
  5. French bench press 3x12
  6. Press on the horizontal bar 3x12


  1. Pull-ups - 3х12
  2. Tie-bar pulls - 3x10
  3. Pull-back pulls - 3x10
  4. Deadlift - 4x10
  5. Lifting the bar for biceps - 3x12
  6. Sitting dumbbells for biceps - 3x12
  7. Hyperextension 4xMAX


  1. Cardio 15 minutes
  2. Squat with a barbell - 4x12
  3. Squat legs narrow - 3x12
  4. Rises to the games - 4x20
  5. Sitting bench press - 3 x12
  6. Press from behind the head - 3x12
  7. Breaking dumbbells to the shoulders - 3x12

Weight training

Female version


  1. Twists on an inclined bench - 3x20
  2. Hyperextension - 3x15
  3. Squat with a barbell - 4x12
  4. Push-ups from the bench - 4x15
  5. Reduction of the arms in the simulator on the chest - 3-15
  6. Link of the upper block 4-15
  7. pullover lying 3x15


  1. Leg lift on the press - 3x15
  2. Deadlift - 4x12
  3. Lunges with dumbbells - 4x15
  4. Army Bench Press - 4x12
  5. Triceps Push-ups from the Bench - 4x15
  6. Dumbbell Direction 3x12


  1. Twists - 3x20
  2. Bends with a barbell on the shoulders - 4x12
  3. Squats with dumbbells - 4x12
  4. Bench press - 4x12
  5. Link of the lower block - 4x15
  6. Link of the upper block - 4x12
  7. Leg press in the Hack machine 3x15

Weight training



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